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허용민 [Huh, Yong Min]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Radiology
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2012Consecutive targetable smart nanoprobe for molecular recognition of cytoplasmic microRNA in metastatic breast cancer김남희, 서진석, 양재문, 육종인, 허용민Article
2012β-PIX is critical for transplanted mesenchymal stromal cell migration고현주, 서진석, 송호택, 이은숙, 허용민Article
2012Targetable gold nanorods for epithelial cancer therapy guided by near-IR absorption imaging서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2012Role of surface charge in cytotoxicity of charged manganese ferrite nanoparticles towards macrophages박상욱, 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2012Nanobiosensors based on localized surface plasmon resonance for biomarker detection 허용민Article
2012Gold nanorod-mediated photothermal modulation for localized ablation of cancer cells 서진석, 양재문, 오승재, 이유진, 허용민Article
2012Effectively enhanced sensitivity of a polyaniline–carbon nanotube composite thin film bolometric near-infrared sensor허용민Article
2012Effect of Ligand Structure on MnO Nanoparticles for Enhanced T1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Inflammatory Macrophages서진석, 양재문, 임은경, 허용민Article
2012Br-Assisted Ostwald Ripening of Au Nanoparticles under H2O2 Redox서진석, 허용민Article
2012A reverse complementary multimodal imaging system to visualize microRNA9-involved neurogenesis using peptide targeting transferrin receptor-conjugated magnetic fluorescence nanoparticles허용민Article
2011Molecular imaging with terahertz waves서진석, 오승재, 허용민Article
2011Convertible organic nanoparticles for near-infrared photothermal ablation of cancer cells.서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2011Single-molecule recognition of biomolecular interaction via Kelvin probe force microscopy양재문, 허용민Article
2011Sensitive angiogenesis imaging of orthotopic bladder tumors in mice using a selective magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent containing VEGF121/rGel서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2011Specific Near-IR Absorption Imaging of Glioblastomas Using Integrin-Targeting Gold Nanorods서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2011Dextran-coated magnetic nanoclusters as highly sensitive contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging of inflammatory macrophages서진석, 허용민Article
2011Hyaluronan-modified magnetic nanoclusters for detection of CD44-overexpressing breast cancer by MR imaging.서진석, 허용민Article
2011Urchin-shaped manganese oxide nanoparticles as pH-responsive activatable T1 contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging.서진석, 이은숙, 조은진, 허용민Article
2011Presence of glioma stroma mesenchymal stem cells in a murine orthotopic glioma model.허용민Article
2011Gold nanostructures as photothermal therapy agent for cancer.서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2011pH-triggered drug-releasing magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy guided by molecular imaging by MRI서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2011Ambidextrous magnetic nanovectors for synchronous gene transfection and labeling of human MSCs서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2010Self-assembled fluorescent magnetic nanoprobes for multimode-biomedical imaging.서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2010Transduction of human EPO into human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells synergistically enhances cell-protective and migratory effects허용민Article
2010Activatable nanomaterials at the forefront of biomedical sciences허용민Article
2010Prostate cancer cell death produced by the co-delivery of Bcl-xL shRNA and doxorubicin using an aptamer-conjugated polyplex김건홍, 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2010Synthesis of aminated polysorbate 80 for polyplex-mediated gene transfection서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2010Magnetoplex based on MnFe2O4 nanocrystals for magnetic labeling and MR imaging of human mesenchymal stem cells서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2010Thiolated dextran-coated gold nanorods for photothermal ablation of inflammatory macrophages 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2009Nanograting-based plasmon enhancement for total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy of live cells서진석, 조은진, 허용민Article
2009Nanoparticle-enabled terahertz imaging for cancer diagnosis서진석, 허용민Article
2009Gold-layered calcium phosphate plasmonic resonants for localized photothermal treatment of human epithelial cancer 서진석, 양재문, 오승재, 허용민Article
2009Synthesis of gold nanorod-embedded polymeric nanoparticles by a nanoprecipitation method for use as photothermal agents서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2009Isolation of RNA Aptamers Targeting HER-2-overexpressing Breast Cancer Cells Using Cell-SELEX 허용민Article
2009Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent magneto polymeric nanoparticles (FMPNs) for bimodal imaging probes서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2009Nanomechanical in situ monitoring of proteolysis of peptide by Cathepsin B 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2009Self-labeled magneto nanoprobes using tri-aminated polysorbate 80 for detection of human mesenchymal stem cells 서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2009고감도 분자영상을 위한 다기능성 MRI 나노조영제 양재문, 허용민Article
2009Controlled aggregates of magnetite nanoparticles for highly sensitive MR contrast agent서진석, 조은진, 허용민Article
2009The usefulness of virtual MR arthroscopy as an adjunct to conventional MR arthrography in detecting anterior labral lesions of the shoulder김성재, 김성준, 서진석, 송호택, 허용민Article
2009In vivo magnetic resonance imaging of injected mesenchymal stem cells in rat myocardial infarction; simultaneous cell tracking and left ventricular function measurement김영진, 서진석, 이재면, 장양수, 최규옥, 최병욱, 최은정, 허용민Article
2009Smart Drug-Loaded Polymer Gold Nanoshells for Systemic and Localized Therapy of Human Epithelial Cancer서진석, 양재문, 오승재, 허용민Article
2008In situ detection of live cancer cells by using bioprobes based on Au nanoparticles서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2008Enhancement of cellular binding efficiency and cytotoxicity using polyethylene glycol base triblock copolymeric nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery서진석, 양재문, 윤호근, 허용민Article
2008Nanohybrids via a polycation-based nanoemulsion method for dual-mode detection of human mesenchymal stem cells서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2008Ultrasensitive magnetic labeling of stem cells using polycationic MnFe2O4 nanocrystals서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2008Biodegradable polymeric gold nanocomposites for epithelial cancer detection서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2008Synthesis of novel fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles as bimodal imaging agents서진석, 양재문, 허용민Article
2008Feasibility study of enhanced total internal reflection fluorescence imaging using dielectric films허용민Article
2008Synthesis of water soluble PEGylated magnetic complexes using mPEG-fatty acid for biomedical applications서진석, 양재문, 윤호근, 허용민Article