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Choi, In Hong [최인홍]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Microbiology (미생물학교실)
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2004Production and characterization of peptide mimotopes of phenolic glycolipid-I of Mycobacterium lepraeFEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology
2004Overexpression of LIM kinase 1 renders resistance to apoptosis in PC12 cells by inhibition of caspase activationCELLULAR AND MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY
2004Induction of chemokines in human astrocytes by picornavirus infection requires activation of both AP-1 and NF-kappa BGLIA
2003p38 Mitogen-activated protein kinase modulates expression of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand induced by interferon-γ in fetal brain astrocytesJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH
2002Ceramide increases Fas-mediated apoptosis in glioblastoma cells through FLIP down-regulation.JOURNAL OF NEURO-ONCOLOGY
2001Hydrogen peroxide triggers the expression of Fas/FasL in astrocytoma cell lines and augments apoptosisJOURNAL OF NEUROIMMUNOLOGY
2001류마티스양 관절염 환자 활막 T 세포의 T 세포수용체 β 쇄 분석 IMMUNE NETWORK
2000Restoration of P-glycoprotein function is involved in the increase of Natural Killer activity with exogenous interleukin-15 in human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals Yonsei Medical Journal
2000Diversity of the p70 killer inhibitory receptor (KIR3D) family members in a single individual Molecules and Cells
1999사람 성상세포종 세포주에서 사이토카인에 의한 Fas 및 FasL mRNA의 발현 조절 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
1999Monoclonal antibodies with various reactivity to p58 killer inhibitory receptorsHybridoma
1999태아 간 림프구와 흉선 림프구에 표현되는 NK 세포 수용체의 특성대한면역학회지
1999Fas ligand and Fas are expressed constitutively in human astrocytes and the expression increases with IL-1, IL-6, TNF-alpha, or IFN-gamma JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY
1999Effects of cycloheximide and dexamethasone on Fas-mediated apoptosis in primary human astrocytesKorean Journal of Immunology (대한면역학회지)
1999사람 성상세포종 세포주에서 사이토카인에 의한 Fas 및 FasL mRNA의 발현 조절 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
1999파킨슨병 환자의 말초 혈액 단핵구에서 D3와 D5 도파민 수용기 mRNA 발현 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
1998일차배양된 성인 성상아교세포에서 인터루킨-2 수용기의 발현 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
1998태아 흉선세포와 간 림프구에서 NK cell receptor 의 발현과 SSCP를 이용한 다양성 분석. Korean Journal of Immunology (대한면역학회지)
1998중증근무력증 환자의 말초 혈액내 T림프구 분획의 변화 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association (대한신경과학회지)
1998Eosinophil count and eosinophil cationic protein concentration of induced sputum in the diagnosis and assessment of airway inflammation in bronchial asthmaALLERGY AND ASTHMA PROCEEDINGS
1998Clonal expansion of T-cells in measlesIMMUNOLOGY LETTERS
1997T 세포 백혈병 세포주에서 T 세포 수용체 β쇄 CDR3 유전자 염기서열의 규명Korean Journal of Immunology (대한면역학회지)
1997Molecular basis of HLA-C recognition by p58 natural killer cell inhibitory receptorsJOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY
1997Clonal expansion of CD8+ T cells in Kawasaki diseaseJOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY
1996Interstitial mononuclear cell infiltrates in chronic rejection of the kidney and correlation with peripheral blood JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE