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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology
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2010Surgical treatment of carotid body paragangliomas: outcomes and complications according to the shamblin classification 김선호, 김진아, 이삭, 임재열, 최은창article
2010Occult contralateral central lymph node metastases in papillary thyroid carcinoma with unilateral lymph node metastasis in the lateral neck최은창article
2010Occult lymph node metastases in neck level V in papillary thyroid carcinoma최은창article
2010Prophylactic lymphadenectomy of neck level II in clinically node-positive papillary thyroid carcinoma최은창article
2010Use of a collagen patch for management of pharyngocutaneous fistula after hypopharyngeal reconstruction유대현, 이동원, 이원재, 최은창article
2010Radiology quiz case 1. Chronic sclerosing sialadenitis of the submandibular gland김세헌, 김진아, 최은창article
2010혀에 발생한 신경초종 1예 및 고찰 최은창, 홍현준article
2010c-Met expression as an indicator of survival outcome in patients with oral tongue carcinoma최은창article
2009Hypopharyngeal reconstruction using remnant narrow pharyngeal wall as omega-shaped radial forearm free flap.노태석, 유대현, 이원재, 최은창, 탁관철, 홍종원article
2009Significant invasion depth of early oral tongue cancer originated from the lateral border to predict regional metastases and prognosis김세헌, 김진아, 박영민, 양원선, 정진세, 조남훈, 최은창article
2009Weekly docetaxel in patients with platinum-refractory metastatic or recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck금기창, 김세헌, 김주항, 신상준, 조병철, 최은창, 최혜진article
2009Metastasis to the submandibular gland in oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas: pathologic analysis최은창article
2009Endoscopic thyroidectomy via a unilateral axillo-breast approach without gas insufflation for unilateral benign thyroid lesions.최은창article
2009Therapeutic selective neck dissection (level II-V) for node-positive hypopharyngeal carcinoma: is it oncologically safe?임영창, 최은창article
2009Case report. Tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis mimicking metastatic lymph nodes from papillary thyroid carcinoma임영창, 최은창article
2009Predictive factors of level IIb lymph node metastasis in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma임영창, 최은창article
2009Central lymph node metastases in unilateral papillary thyroid microcarcinoma임영창, 최은창article
2009Predictive factors for ipsilateral or contralateral central lymph node metastasis in unilateral papillary thyroid carcinoma임영창, 최은창article
2009Radial forearm-palmaris longus tenocutaneous free flap; implication in the repair of the moderate-sized postoncologic soft palate defect.노태석, 유대현, 이원재, 최은창article
2009경구강 로봇을 이용해 시행한 근치적 하인두암 이상와 절제술 1례 김세헌, 최은창article
2009경구강 로봇을 이용하여 시행한 근치적 편도암 절제술 1예 김세헌, 최은창article
2009Risk factors and dose-effect relationship for mandibular osteoradionecrosis in oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 김용배, 이익재, 이창걸, 차인호, 최은창article
2009Role of primary surgery for early-stage (T1-2N0) squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx신향애, 임영창, 정하민, 최은창article
2009Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) in laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer김세헌, 박영민, 이우정, 이원상, 이정권, 최은창article
2009Feasibility of transoral lateral oropharyngectomy using a robotic surgical system for tonsillar cancer김세헌, 박영민, 이원상, 이정권, 최은창article
2008방사선 치료 중인 두경부 종양 환자를 대상으로 메게이스 내복 현탁액 경구투여 후 유효성 및 안전성에 관한 다기관, 공개, 관측연구 김세헌, 최은창article
2008하인두암에서 후두인두 및 경부 식도 전 적출술 후 유리 공장 이식술의 합병증에 대한 후향적 분석 김광문, 김세헌, 김영호, 최은창article
2008Treatment of an acute salivary fistula after parotid surgery: botulinum toxin type A injection as primary treatment최은창article
2008Prediction of hypothyroidism after hemithyroidectomy: a biochemical and pathological analysis최은창article
2008The harmonic scalpel technique without supplementary ligation in total thyroidectomy with central neck dissection: a prospective randomized study.최은창article
2008Collision metastasis of squamous carcinoma of the oral tongue and incidental thyroid papillary carcinoma to a single cervical lymph node최은창article
2008Surgery alone for squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity: survival rates, recurrence patterns, and salvage treatment.임영창, 최은창article
2008Combined surgery and postoperative radiotherapy for oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma in Korea: analysis of 110 cases유대현, 최은창article
2007설 편평세포암종의 예후 인자로서 Nonsteroidal Anti-InflammatoryDrug-Activated Gene(NAG-1)의 발현 김경수, 장정현, 최은창article
2007Change of E-cadherin by hepatocyte growth factor and effects on the prognosis of hypopharyngeal carcinoma최은창article
2007HPV integration begins in the tonsillar crypt and leads to the alteration of p16, EGFR and c-myc during tumor formation강숙희, 구본석, 김세헌, 조남훈, 최은창article
2007Unilateral, clinically T2N0, squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue: surgical outcome analysis최은창article
2007Modified Mandibulotomy Technique to Reposition the Hemimandibular Segments김형준, 남웅, 정승원, 차인호, 최은창article
2007Fracture of the clavicle following the island type of pectoralis major myocutaneous flap for reconstruction of head and neck defect최은창article
2007위아전절제술을 받은 환자에서 근치적 인두후두식도 전절제술 후 대장을 이용한 재건술 김충배, 최은창article
2007Bilateral Neck Node Metastasis: A Predictor of Isolated Distant Metastasis in Patients With Oral and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma After Primary Curative Surgery최은창article
2007위아전절제술 후 상태에서 발생된 하인두암 환자에서전인두후두식도적출술 및 대장치환술 치험 1예 김충배, 최은창article
2006Perifacial Lymph Node Metastasis in the Submandibular Triangle of Patients With Oral and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Clinically Node-Positive Neck최은창article
2006Lymphatic metastases to level IIb in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma김세헌, 김영호, 최은창article
2006Level IIb lymph node metastasis in elective neck dissection of oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma최은창article
2006Expression of hepatocyte growth factor and c-Met in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma최은창article
2006Contributing factors to mandibulotomy complications: A retrospective study김형준, 남웅, 차인호, 최은창article
2006방사선 치료에 내성이 유도된 두경부 편평세포암에 대한 종양살상 헤르페스 바이러스의 유전자 치료 효과 김광문, 김세헌, 최은창article
2006구강암종 세포주에서 은행잎 추출물(EGb761)에 의한 세포고사 기전 김경수, 윤주헌, 최은창article
2006Predictive value of p53 and PCNA expression for occult neck metastases in patients with clinically node-negative oral tongue cancer금기창, 금웅섭, 김귀언, 서창옥, 이창걸, 조상호, 조재호, 최은창article