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최아진 [Choi, A Jin]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Forensic Medicine

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2015Genome-wide methylation profiling and a multiplex construction for the identification of body fluids using epigenetic markers신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영, 정상은, 최아진Article
2014Body fluid identification by integrated analysis of DNA methylation and body fluid-specific microbial DNA신경진, 양우익, 이환영, 최아진Article
2014Forensic interlaboratory evaluation of the ForFLUID kit for vaginal fluids identification이환영, 최아진Article
2013DNA methylation-specific multiplex assays for body fluid identification신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이환영, 최아진Article
2013법의 분야에서 DNA 메틸화를 이용한 연령 추정 신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이환영, 최아진Article