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최병일 [Choi, Byeong Il]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2015Treatment of Hemorrhagic Vocal Polyps by Pulsed Dye Laser-Assisted Laryngomicrosurgery 변형권, 최병일, 최홍식, 한지혁Article
2015A Case Report of Incidental Endotracheal Tube Firing in Operating Room during CO2 Laser-Assisted Laryngomicrosurgery 이은정, 정찬민, 최병일, 최홍식Article
2015A Case of Incus Vibroplasty: Postoperative Changes in Residual Hearing 노경진, 손은진, 이은정, 최병일Article
2015악하선에 발생한 Kuttner 종양 1예 변형권, 임범진, 최병일Article
2015Long-Term Outcomes of Acute Low-Tone Hearing Loss 노경진, 박아영, 손은진, 이은정, 최병일Article