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Jung, Han Sung [정한성]
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College of Dentistry (치과대학) - Dept. of Oral Biology (구강생물학교실)
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2005Inhibition of connexin 43 alters Shh and Bmp-2 expression patterns in embryonic mouse tongueCELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH
2005한국인 얼굴표정과 관련된 볼굴대의 위치 및 입꼬리당김근과 큰광대근의 형태 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology
2004Interactions between FGF and Wnt signals and Tbx3 gene expression in mammary gland initiation in mouse embryos JOURNAL OF ANATOMY
2004Integument pattern formation involves genetic and epigenetic controls: feather arrays simulated by digital hormone models INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY
2004Spacing patterns on tongue surface-gustatory papilla INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY
2004The discomallear ligament and the anterior ligament of malleus: an anatomic study in human adults and fetusesSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2004Developmental properties of the Hertwig's epithelial root sheath in miceJOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH
2004Fabrication of Macroporous Scaffold Using Calcium Phosphate Glass for Bone RegenerationKey Engineering Materials
2003A Variation of the Musculocutaneous Nerve Absent YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2003Morphological evidence of the importance of epithelial tissue during mouse tongue developmentEXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH
2003Analysis of tooth formation by reaggregated dental mesenchyme from mouse embryoJOURNAL OF ELECTRON MICROSCOPY
2003Lineage of non-cranial neural crest cell in the dental mesenchyme: using a lacZ reporter gene during early tooth development.JOURNAL OF ELECTRON MICROSCOPY
2003Topographic anatomy of the mandibular nerve branches distributed on the two heads of the lateral pterygoidINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY
2003Study on tooth development, past, present, and futureMICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE
2003Topographic anatomy of the deep temporal nerves, with references to the superior head of lateral pterygoid.SURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2002Regulation of hair follicle development by the TNF signal ectodysplasin and its receptor Edar. DEVELOPMENT
2002ENU 돌연변이법에 의한 핍모증과 무치증을 보이는 유전성 마우스의 발견 및 기초 연구 Korean Journal of Laboratory Animal Science (한국실험동물학회지)
2001The Story of Vertebrate Tongue Development 동물학논단
2001The Tooth as a Model for Organ Development International Journal of Oral Biology
2000아래턱뼈 계측을 통한 한국인의 체질인류학적 특징 및 남녀판별함수 분석 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology
2000Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in vertebrate epithelial appendage morphogenesis: perspectives in development and evolution. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
2000Genotype, phenotype, and developmental biology of molar tooth characters.American Journal of Physical Anthropology