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College of Medicine - Dept. of Biostatistics

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2012The relation of serotonin-related gene and COMT gene polymorphisms with criminal behavior in schizophrenic disorder고경봉, 김소원, 이민구, 이영준, 최은희, 한무영Article
2011Serotonin-related gene pathways associated with undifferentiated somatoform disorder고경봉, 이영준, 최은희, 한무영Article
2009Characterization of microcalcification: can digital monitor zooming replace magnification mammography in full-field digital mammography?곽진영, 김민정, 김은경, 손은주, 오기근, 육지현, 최선형, 한무영Article
2008The relation between anger management style, mood and somatic symptoms in anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders고경봉, 김동기, 김신영, 한무영Article
2008Nomograms for prediction of disease recurrence in patients with primary Ta, T1 transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder 조강수, 한무영, 홍성준Article
2007선별검사자료를 이용한 백내장 유병률의 추정 김신영, 김응권, 송기준, 하정윤, 한무영Article
2006Sebum output as a factor contributing to the size of facial pores김동기, 노미령, 정기양, 한무영Article
2005과대산포가 존재하는 이항형 자료의 회귀분석방법김동기, 명성민, 송기준, 전우택, 한무영Article
2005Correlation between traumatic events and posttraumatic stress disorder among North Korean defectors in South Korea김동기, 민성길, 전우택, 한무영, 홍창형Article
2005임상연구 설계 및 통계학적 분석 방법 김동기, 송기준, 정미영, 한무영Article