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안캄레디하리 [Ankamreddy, Harinarayana]
Department :
College of Medicine - Dept. of Anatomy
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2017Temporal and spatial expression patterns of Hedgehog receptors in the developing inner and middle ear 복진웅, 신정오, 안캄레디하리article
2015Conserved role of Sonic Hedgehog in tonotopic organization of the avian basilar papilla and mammalian cochlea 마지현, 복진웅, 손은진, 신정오, 안캄레디하리, 최재영article
2015Pannexin 3 is required for normal progression of skeletal development in vertebrates배재웅, 복진웅, 신정오, 안캄레디하리article
2014Pax3 function is required specifically for inner ear structures with melanogenic fates공경아, 김명희, 김홍경, 복진웅, 안캄레디하리article