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Chung, Woong Youn [정웅윤]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Surgery (외과학교실)
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2010The emergence of endoscopic head and neck surgeryCURRENT ONCOLOGY REPORTS
2010Quality of life and effectiveness comparisons of thyroxine withdrawal, triiodothyronine withdrawal, and recombinant thyroid-stimulating hormone administration for low-dose radioiodine remnant ablation of differentiated thyroid carcinomaTHYROID
2010Perioperative administration of pregabalin for pain after robot-assisted endoscopic thyroidectomy: a randomized clinical trialSURGICAL ENDOSCOPY AND OTHER INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES
2010A Case of Thyroglossal Duct Papillary Carcinoma with Subsequent Lateral Neck Node Metastases Journal of Korean Thyroid Association (대한갑상선학회지)
2010Current experiences with robotic surgery at Severance Hospital, Yonsei University in KoreaASIAN JOURNAL OF ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY
2010Adrenal injury following blunt abdominal traumaWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
2010Parathyroid carcinoma: a 16-year experience in a single institution ENDOCRINE JOURNAL
2010Extrathyroidal implantation of thyroid tumor cells after needle biopsy and other invasive proceduresTHYROID
2010Treatment of locally advanced thyroid cancer invading the great vessels using a Y-shaped graft bypass INTERACTIVE CARDIOVASCULAR AND THORACIC SURGERY
2010Postoperative complications of thyroid cancer in a single center experience JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2010Mediastinum Anthracosis Resembling Metastatic Carcinoma from Thyroid Gland JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SURGICAL SOCIETY
2010Paracetamol reduces postoperative pain and rescue analgesic demand after robot-assisted endoscopic thyroidectomy by the transaxillary approachWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
2010Papillary carcinoma located in the thyroid isthmusWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
2009중앙 경부 수술의 과거력이 있는 환자에서의 방사능 유도 최소 침습 부갑상선 절제술의 유용성 Korean Journal of Head & Neck Oncology (대한두경부종양학회지)
2009Castleman's Disease of the Parotid Gland: A Case ReportSCOTTISH MEDICAL JOURNAL
2009Robot-assisted endoscopic surgery for thyroid cancer: experience with the first 100 patientsSURGICAL ENDOSCOPY AND OTHER INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES
2009재발된 유두 갑상선암으로 완결갑상선절제술을 시행한 환자의 임상양상 및 수술합병증 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2009갑상선 절제 수술 후 Guardix-SG®의 유착방지 효과 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2009갑상선 수질암의 측경부 림프절 절제술 후에 발생한 외상성 신경종 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2009Robotic thyroid surgery using a gasless, transaxillary approach and the da Vinci S system: the operative outcomes of 338 consecutive patientsSURGERY
2009Comparative study of endoscopic thyroidectomy versus conventional open thyroidectomy in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) patientsJOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
2009Robot-assisted endoscopic thyroidectomy for thyroid malignancies using a gasless transaxillary approachJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS
2009Association of BRAFV600E mutation with poor clinical prognostic factors and US features in Korean patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma.RADIOLOGY
2009갑상선 수질암의 단일 기관의 25년간 임상 경험과 RET 원 종양유전자 검사 결과 분석 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2009Gasless endoscopic thyroidectomy using trans-axillary approach; surgical outcome of 581 patients ENDOCRINE JOURNAL
2009Primary intrathoracic goiterTHYROID
2009The combined role of ultrasound and frozen section in surgical management of thyroid nodules read as suspicious for papillary thyroid carcinoma on fine needle aspiration biopsy: a retrospective studyWORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY
2009Papillary microcarcinoma of the thyroid: predicting factors of lateral neck node metastasisANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
2009Thyroglobulin measurement in fine-needle aspirate washouts: the criteria for neck node dissection for patients with thyroid cancerCLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY
2009Pseudoaneurysm of the inferior thyroid artery presenting as a thyroid noduleTHYROID
2008갑상선암에 대한 로봇 보조 내시경적 갑상선 절제술; 100예에 대한 초기 경험 Journal of Korean Thyroid Association (대한갑상선학회지)
2008종격동 전이를 보이는 갑상선암 환자에서 Robot-assisted Lymph Node Dissection을 병행한 1예 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2008양성 갑상선 종양에서의 액와 접근법을 통한 무기하 내시경 갑상선 절제술 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2008원발성 유두 갑상선암의 수술적 치료 후 측경부 전이 림프절에서 발생한 미분화 갑상선암 3예 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2008Practical management of well differentiated thyroid carcinoma in Korea. ENDOCRINE JOURNAL
2008A case of black thyroid associated with hyalinizing trabecular tumor ENDOCRINE JOURNAL
2008Incidence and clinical behavior of papillary thyroid carcinoma in renal allograft recipients: a single center experienceTRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS
2008The Zuckerkandl's tubercle: a useful anatomical landmark for detecting both the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the superior parathyroid during thyroid surgery. ENDOCRINE JOURNAL
2008미세 유두 갑상선암의 크기에 따른 임상상 및 단기간 치료 결과 Korean Journal of Head & Neck Oncology (대한두경부종양학회지)
2008신장이식후 발생한 유두상 갑상선암 Korean Journal of Head & Neck Oncology (대한두경부종양학회지)
2008액와접근법을 이용한 무기하 내시경적 갑상선 절제술 : 634예에 대한 수술 결과 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지)
2008중앙 경부 재발 유두 갑상선암으로 수술한 환자의 재발 양상과 수술 합병증 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SURGICAL SOCIETY
2008갑상선 휘틀세포암(Hurthle Cell Carcinoma)의 임상적 특징 및 예후인자: 순수 소포상 갑상선암과의 비교 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SURGICAL SOCIETY
2008The current status of endoscopic thyroidectomy in KoreaSURGICAL LAPAROSCOPY ENDOSCOPY & PERCUTANEOUS TECHNIQUES
2008Clinicopathologic features and treatment outcomes in differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients with concurrent Graves' disease. JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2008미만성 경화 아형 유두 갑상선암 : 단일 기관에서의 17년 경험 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SURGICAL SOCIETY
2008Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma arising from a calcified thyroid mass JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY
2008Controlling recurrent papillary thyroid carcinoma in the neck by ultrasonography-guided percutaneous ethanol injection.EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY
2008Soft tissue implantation of thyroid adenomatous hyperplasia after endoscopic thyroid surgeryTHYROID
2008The role of ultrasound in thyroid nodules with a cytology reading of "suspicious for papillary thyroid carcinoma".THYROID