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정성필 [Chung, Sung Pil]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Emergency Medicine
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2010The optimal phasic relationship between synchronized shock and mechanical chest compressions정성필Article
2010기도 내 이물 제거를 위한 카데바 모델에서 매킨토시 후두경과 GlideScope 비디오 후두경의 비교 정성필, 정태녕, 제상모Article
2010Kounis syndrome captured by coronary angiography computed tomography김민정, 정성필, 조준호Article
2010외상 환자에서 Glidescope 비디오후두경을 이용한 응급기도관리 김민정, 김승호, 박인철, 이한식, 정성필Article
2010Systematic development of web based CPR instruction in the emerging global smart phone era유제성, 정성필Article
2010독실라민 중독시 발생할 수 있는 발작의 특성과 위험인자 김선욱, 박유석, 박인철, 유제성, 정성필, 정태녕Article
2010응급 기관 내 삽관에 있어 노인과 성인간의 해부학 및 임상적 특성 비교 박유석, 박인철, 유제성, 정성필, 제상모Article
2010흉부전산화단층촬영 분석을 통한 소아의 적절한 흉부 압박 깊이 김민정, 김선욱, 박유석, 박인철, 유제성, 정성필, 정태녕, 제상모Article
2010Effect of vehicle speed on the quality of closed-chest compression during ambulance transport김선욱, 김승호, 박인철, 정성필, 정태녕Article
2010Pharmacologically induced hypothermia with cannabinoid receptor agonist WIN55, 212-2 after cardiopulmonary resuscitation.정성필Article
2010Use of diffusion-weighted MRI in the emergency department for unconscious trauma patients with negative brain CT유제성, 이한식, 정성필Article
2010Role of sonography in the emergency room to diagnose sternal fractures유제성, 정성필, 정용은Article
2009Could new communication systems be used to advise public in emergency situations? The HSDPA/WCDMA-based video telephony application to pre-hospital care medicine정성필Article
2009The importance of clinical application of the simplified audio tone guidance feedback system to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients정성필Article
2009Effects of bed height on the performance of chest compressions박유석, 박인철, 정성필, 조준호Article
2009Intracerebral hemorrhage following electrical head injury유제성, 정성필Article
2009A life-threatening sign, gas in the kidney is produced by bacteria: bilateral emphysematous pyelonephritis정성필, 정용은Article
2009Supplementation should be included in the first step in the current chain of survival정성필Article
2009중심정맥도관 삽입 시 도관의 우심방 내 위치 확인을 위한 단순흉부촬영 영상 지표로서 기관용골-중심정맥도관 끝 거리의 유용성 김민정, 김선욱, 김승호, 박유석, 정성필, 정태녕Article
2009심폐소생팀 수행도 및 리더십 평가도구 개발 박유석, 정성필, 조준호Article
2009Usefulness of a mobile phone with video telephony in identifying the correct landmark for performing needle thoracocentesis정성필Article
2009Diagnostically challenging tumour in a great vessel: leiomyosarcoma of inferior vena cava정성필, 정용은Article
2009Relationship between healing time and mean perfusion units of laser Doppler imaging (LDI) in pediatric burns.정성필Article
2009The usefulness of the GlideScope video laryngoscope in the education of conventional tracheal intubation for the novice.박유석, 정성필Article
2009서울시 병원전 심정지 환자의 심폐소생술에 대한 전향적 다기관 평가 박인철, 정성필Article
2008아세트아미노펜 중독 김승호, 이한식, 정성필Article
2008Pseudo-subarachnoid hemorrhage.박유석, 정성필Article
2008아지드화 나트륨(sodium azide)음독 후 사망한 1례 이한식, 정성필, 조준호Article
2008Emergency Procedure Training of Residents Using Lightly Embalmed Cadavers; 3-year Experience 김승호, 박유석, 박인철, 정성필, 조준호Article
2008자살시도자에 대한 진료 체계 및 응급의학과-정신과 의료진의 인식 비교 정성필, 조준호Article
2008일개 응급의료센터 의료진의 스트레스의 원인, 영향 및 대처방법 김민정, 정성필, 조준호Article
2008심폐소생술에 관한 예후 정보 제공 후 노인들의 사전 의사결정에 대한 태도 박인철, 정성필, 조준호, 좌민홍Article
2008경추 손상 환자에서 전산화 단층 촬영 시행을 위한 임상적 기준 박유석, 정성필, 조준호, 좌민홍Article
2008Performance of cellular phones with video telephony in the use of automated external defibrillators by untrained laypersons.정성필Article
2008Accuracy of Web-based recording program for in-hospital resuscitation: laboratory study.박유석, 박인철, 정성필Article
2008Intracranial bilateral symmetric calcification in hypoparathyroidism정성필Article
2008Rapid and accurate activation of emergency medical services: application of the ultra mobile personal computer to mobile internet technology in the pre-hospital setting.정성필Article
2008Mobile message for a better stroke recognition: the new concept of national campaign 정성필Article
2008Analgesic pretreatment for antibiotic skin test: vapocoolant spray vs ice cube박유석, 이한식, 정성필Article
2008A new emergency call system for rapid and accurate emergency medical service activation: The Ubiquitous Safe Call System정성필Article
2008Images in emergency medicine. Duodenal hematoma.김민정, 유제성, 정성필, 정용은Article
2008구급차 이송 도중 자동제세동기의 정확도에 대한 연구 김승호, 이한식, 정성필, 조준호Article
2008Mobile phone CPR: The national campaign in South Korea정성필Article
2008The era of audiovisual dispatch using cellular phones with video telephony정성필Article
2008CPR Anytime(R)을 이용한 심폐소생술 피교육자의 이차교육 정도 이한식, 정성필, 조준호Article
2008Public Access Navigation for rapid and accurate EMS activation by mobile radio-frequency identification정성필Article
2008Comparison of the GlideScope video laryngoscope and Macintosh laryngoscope in simulated tracheal intubation scenarios박유석, 박인철, 이한식, 정성필, 조준호Article
2008원저 : 학생들에 대한 심폐소생술 수업방식의 비교: CPR Anytime(R)과 Little Anne® 박유석, 정성필, 조준호Article
2007The usefulness of CT for patients with carpal bone fractures in the emergency department 김승호, 박인철, 이한식, 정성필Article
2007Use of the diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for early diagnosis of herpes simplex encephalitis in the ED: a case report이한식, 정성필Article