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정상은 [Jung, Sang Eun]
Department :
College of Medicine - Dept. of Forensic Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2017DNA methylation-based age prediction from various tissues and body fluids 신경진, 이환영, 정상은article
2017Independent validation of DNA-based approaches for age prediction in blood이은희, 이환영, 정상은article
2017DNA methylation-based age prediction from saliva: High age predictability by combination of 7 CpG markers신경진, 양우익, 이은희, 이환영, 정상은article
2016Massively parallel sequencing of 17 commonly used forensic autosomal STRs and amelogenin with small amplicons.신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이환영, 정상은article
2016Massively parallel sequencing of the entire control region and targeted coding region SNPs of degraded mtDNA using a simplified library preparation method.신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 이은영, 이환영, 정상은article
2016A collaborative exercise on DNA methylation based body fluid typing이환영, 정상은article
2015Genome-wide methylation profiling and a multiplex construction for the identification of body fluids using epigenetic markers신경진, 안자현, 양우익, 이은영, 이환영, 정상은, 최아진article
2015Epigenetic age signatures in the forensically relevant body fluid of semen: a preliminary study신경진, 양우익, 이환영, 정상은article
2014차세대 염기서열 분석법을 이용한 15개 상염색체 STR의 염기서열 생성 및 유전자형 분석 김은혜, 신경진, 양우익, 양인석, 정상은article