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정다운 [Jung, Da Woon]
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Research Institutes - Oral Cancer Research Institute

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2010Tumor-stromal crosstalk in invasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma: a pivotal role of CCL7.김기열, 김진, 김진미, 정다운Article
2009Morphogenesis and biological significance of spindle cell transformation in a spindle cell carcinoma김기열, 김은정, 김진, 박영진, 정다운, 차충민, 황영선Article
2003Facilitated forward chemical genetics using a tagged triazine library and zebrafish embryo screening정다운Article
2002Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of 20(S)-protopanaxatriol정다운Article
2001Counterion-dye staining method for DNA in agarose gels using crystal violet and methyl orange정다운Article
2001Cryopreservation of Hyoscyamus niger adventitious roots by vitrification정다운Article