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전주현 [Jeon, Ju Hyun]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2012Reversing the polarity of a cochlear implant magnet after magnetic resonance imaging전주현, 최재영Article
2011Early surgical results of auditory brainstem implantation in nontumor patients.이원상, 장진우, 전주현, 최재영Article
2011Third windows as a cause of failure in hearing gain after exploratory tympanotomy.김민범, 김상철, 김진아, 이원상, 전주현, 최재영Article
2011Hemorrhage in the endolymphatic sac: a cause of hearing fluctuation in enlarged vestibular aqueduct김상철, 김성헌, 김진아, 이원상, 전주현, 최재영Article