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Chang, Jin Woo [장진우]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurosurgery (신경외과학교실)
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2002Interictal epileptiform discharges related to H-MRS-detected metabolic abnormalities in mesial temporal lobe epilepsyEPILEPSIA
2001난치성 암성 통증 제어를 위한 뇌정위적 대상회 절개술 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2001아데노 바이러스 Cytosine Deaminase/Thymidine Kinase 융합 유전자의 항 종양효과 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2001두개강내 수막종에 대한 감마나이프 방사선수술 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2001Microvascular decompression of the facial nerve for hemifacial spasm in youthCHILDS NERVOUS SYSTEM
2001Efficient gene transfer of VSV-G pseudotyped retroviral vector to human brain tumor GENE THERAPY
2001Gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease: determining the genes necessary for optimal dopamine replacement in rat modelsHUMAN CELL
2001Ictal Automatisms with Preserved Responsiveness in a Patient with Left Mesial Temporal Lobe EpilepsyEPILEPSIA
2001Microvascular Decompression for Hemifacial Spasm: A Long-Term Follow-Up of 1,169 Consecutive CasesSTEREOTACTIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY
2001Radiologically Confirmed de novo Glioblastoma Multiforme and Hippocampal Sclerosis Associated with the First Onset of Nonconvulsive Simple Partial Status EpilepticusACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2001반측성 안면경련증 환자에서 안면신경의 미세혈관감압술 후에 시행한 자기공명영상의 역할 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2001Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Metastatic Brain TumorsSTEREOTACTIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY
2001뇌동정맥기형에 대한 감마나이프 방사선수술시 치료성적에 영향을 주는 인자들 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2001두개인두종에 대한 감마나이프 방사선수술 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2001골화를 동반한 만성 경막외혈종 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2000두경부 T 세포 림프종 환자에서 발생한 진행성 다초점성 백질뇌병증 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2000터어키안 주변종양에 대한 감마나이프 방사선수술 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2000Microvascular decompression in trigeminal neuralgia: A correlation of three-dimensional time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography and surgical findingsStereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
2000Gamma knife radiosurgery for idiopathic and secondary trigeminal neuralgiaJournal of Neurosurgery
2000Factors related to complete occlusion of arteriovenous malformations after gamma knife radiosurgeryJournal of Neurosurgery
2000Oncolytic potential of E1B 55 kDa‐deleted YKL‐1 recombinant adenovirus: Correlation with p53 functional status International Journal of Cancer
2000Microvascular decompression of the facial nerve for the treatment of hemifacial spasm: preoperative magnetic resonance imaging related to clinical outcomes.Acta Neurochirurgica
1999The effects of stereotactic radiosurgery on secondary facial painStereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
1999Biochemical and anatomical characterization of forepaw adjusting steps in rat models of Parkinson's disease: studies on medial forebrain bundle and striatal lesionsNEUROSCIENCE
1999Gamma Knife radiosurgery for functioning pituitary adenomasStereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
1998Surgical Management of Intractable EpilepsySTEREOTACTIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY
1997Microvascular Decompression and Percutaneous Rhizotomy in Trigeminal NeuralgiaSTEREOTACTIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY
1995Indium-111-pentetreotide imaging in intra-axial brain tumors: comparison with thallium-201 SPECT and MRI JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE