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2013Femoral Graft-Tunnel Angles in Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Analysis with 3-Dimensional Models and Cadaveric Experiments 김성재, 김성환, 문홍교, 천용민article
2011Anterolateral transtibial posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction combined with anatomical reconstruction of posterolateral corner insufficiency: comparison of single-bundle versus double-bundle posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction over a 2- to 6-year follow-up.김성재, 김슬기, 문홍교, 정민, 천용민article
2011Is correctional osteotomy crucial in primary varus knees undergoing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? 김성재, 김슬기, 문홍교, 장우혁, 천용민article
2011Arthroscopic treatment for limitation of motion of the elbow: the learning curve.김성재, 문홍교, 장지훈, 천용민article
2011The safe establishment of a transseptal portal in the posterior knee김성재, 문홍교, 송호택, 장우혁, 천용민article
2010Does severity or specific joint laxity influence clinical outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? 김성재, 김슬기, 문홍교, 오경수, 천용민article
2010A biomechanical comparison of 3 reconstruction techniques for posterolateral instability of the knee in a cadaveric model김성재, 김슬기, 김형식, 문홍교, 장우혁, 천용민article
2009Is the transglenoid suture technique recommendable for recurrent shoulder dislocation? A minimum 5-year follow-up in 59 non-athletic shoulders김성재, 김슬기, 문홍교, 장우혁, 정민, 천용민article