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정재용 [Chung, Jae Yong]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Pharmacology

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2013Impact of ABCC2, ABCG2 and SLCO1B1 polymorphisms on the pharmacokinetics of pitavastatin in humans 김춘옥, 박민수, 정재용, 조성권Article
2012The UGT1A3*2 polymorphism affects atorvastatin lactonization and lipid-lowering effect in healthy volunteers박경수, 박민수, 정재용, 조성권Article
2012Influence of ABCC2, SLCO1B1, and ABCG2 Polymorphisms on the Pharmacokinetics of Olmesartan김춘옥, 박민수, 정재용, 조성권Article
2012Modeling of the LDL cholesterol-lowering effect of atorvastatin in Korean dyslipidemic patients and non-patient volunteers.박경수, 박민수, 이상학, 정재용Article
2012Effects of cytochrome P450 (CYP)2C19 polymorphisms on pharmacokinetics of phenobarbital in neonates and infants with seizures남궁란, 박국인, 박민수, 이순민, 이영목, 이철, 정재용Article
2011Pharmacokinetic comparison of sustained- and immediate-release oral formulations of cilostazol in healthy Korean subjects: a randomized, open-label, 3-part, sequential, 2-period, crossover, single-dose, food-effect, and multiple-dose study박경수, 박민수, 이동환, 임아영, 정재용, 최종락Article
2011Safety and pharmacokinetics of intrathecal administration of pemetrexed in rats정재용Article
2011Effect of CYP2B6 genotype on the pharmacokinetics of sibutramine and active metabolites in healthy subjects박경수, 박민수, 이윤정, 장성복, 정재용Article
2011Rifampin enhances the glucose-lowering effect of metformin and increases OCT1 mRNA levels in healthy participants박경수, 박민수, 이동환, 이민구, 임아영, 정재용, 조성권Article
2011Effects of pregnane X receptor (NR1I2) and CYP2B6 genetic polymorphisms on the induction of bupropion hydroxylation by rifampin. 정재용Article
2010Comparison of the bioavailability and tolerability of fixed-dose combination glimepiride/metformin 2/500-mg tablets versus separate tablets: A single-dose, randomized-sequence, open-label, two-period crossover study in healthy Korean volunteers정재용Article
2010PEG-인터페론 알파-2a 제제 DA-3021의 안전성 및 약동력학적 특성 연구 박경수, 손한길, 이동환, 이윤정, 임아영, 장성복, 정재용Article
2010Effects of SLCO1B1 and ABCB1 genotypes on the pharmacokinetics of atorvastatin and 2-hydroxyatorvastatin in healthy Korean subjects이민구, 이윤정, 임아영, 장성복, 정재용Article
2010CYP3A5*3 genotype associated with intrasubject pharmacokinetic variation toward tacrolimus in bioequivalence study김경환, 박민수, 이윤정, 임아영, 장성복, 정재용Article
2009가교자료 생성을위한 약동학 시험 정재용Article