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목예진 [Mok, Ye Jin]
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Graduate School of Public Health - Graduate School of Public Health
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2015Association between idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and coronary artery disease: a case-control study and cohort analysis목예진, 지선하article
2015Depression as a risk factor for overall and hormone-related cancer: the Korean cancer prevention study 목예진, 신의진, 정금지, 지선하article
2014The Relationship Between Serum Lipids and Depression 목예진, 장형윤, 정금지, 지선하article
2014The Korean Heart Study: rationale, objectives, protocol, and preliminary results for a new prospective cohort study of 430,920 men and women김현숙, 김희진, 목예진, 이덕철, 장양수, 지선하article
2013Serum Adiponectin and Type 2 Diabetes: A 6-Year Follow-Up Cohort Study 김현숙, 김희진, 목예진, 박성하, 박종숙, 안철우, 이상학, 지선하article
2013Measuring depression in South Korea: Validity and reliability of a brief questionnaire in the Korean Cancer Prevention Study목예진, 신의진, 지선하article
2013Impaired fasting glucose and risk of cardiovascular disease in Korean men and women: The Korean Heart Study 목예진, 지선하article
2012Physical activity level and risk of death: the severance cohort study 김희진, 남정모, 목예진, 오희철, 지선하article
2012Associations of kidney disease measures with mortality and end-stage renal disease in individuals with and without hypertension: a meta-analysis 김희진, 목예진, 지선하article
2011직장 내 휘트니스 센터 이용횟수와 심혈관질환 위험요인의 변화 목예진, 지선하article