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College of Medicine - Dept. of Internal Medicine
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2009Foxl2, a forkhead transcription factor, modulates nonclassical activity of the estrogen receptor-alpha 이은직Article
2009Predicting recurrence of nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas김선호, 김태승, 노태웅, 이미경, 이은직Article
2009부분 뇌하수체기능저하증을 동반한 인슐린자가면역증후군 1예 김광준, 이용호, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수, 홍재원Article
2009Insulin-secreting cells from human eyelid-derived stem cells alleviate type I diabetes in immunocompetent mice 김경식, 이은직Article
2008Splice variants of the forkhead box protein AFX exhibit dominant negative activity and inhibit AFXalpha-mediated tumor cell apoptosis. 이은직Article
2008Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 with multiple leiomyomas linked to a novel mutation in the MEN1 gene 강은석, 김경래, 안철우, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수, 최희경Article
2008한국 제2형 당뇨병환자에서 죽상동맥경화증 유무의 예측인자로서 허리둘레 기준치 분석김경래, 남지선, 박종숙, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2008편측무도증으로 발현하여 처음 진단된 제2형 당뇨병 1예김경래, 남지선, 류철형, 박종숙, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2008A phenotypic spectrum of sexual development in Dax1 (Nr0b1)-deficient mice: consequence of the C57BL/6J strain on sex determination. 이은직Article
2008Serum parathyroid hormone is associated with carotid intima-media thickness in postmenopausal women.김세화, 이유미, 이은직, 임승길, 조미애, 최한석Article
2008Visceral fat thickness predicts fatty liver in Koreans with type 2 diabetes mellitus 강은석, 김경래, 김혜진, 남지선, 박종숙, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2008Functional expression of CXCR4 in somatotrophs: CXCL12 activates GH gene, GH production and secretion, and cellular proliferation 김정모, 이용호, 이은직Article
2008Echogenic carotid artery plaques are associated with vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women with low bone mass.강은석, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수Article
2008림프종 환자에서 양전자단층촬영술상 발견된 비기능성 뇌하수체선종 1예 박세은, 윤미진, 이유미, 이은직, 이진하, 임승길, 정주원, 조미애, 한승진Article
2008Adenoviral vector-mediated glucagon-like peptide 1 gene therapy improves glucose homeostasis in Zucker diabetic fatty rats강은석, 권미경, 김경섭, 안철우, 이용호, 이은직, 이현철, 차봉수Article
2008HoxD10 gene delivery using adenovirus/adeno-associate hybrid virus inhibits the proliferation and tumorigenicity of GH4 pituitary lactotrope tumor cells.이은직Article
2008Cerebral arterial pulsatility and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic patients.김경래, 김철식, 김혜진, 남지선, 박종숙, 안철우, 이경열, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2008갈색세포종에서 18FDG의 전신 갈색지방조직 섭취를 보인 증례 1예 김경민, 이유미, 이은직, 임승길, 홍수정Article
2007Expression and Regulation of Osteoprotegerin in Adipose Tissue 이유미, 이은직, 임승길Article
2007Expression and role of estrogen receptor α and β in medullary thyroid carcinoma: Different roles in cancer growth and apoptosis 남기현, 노태웅, 박정수, 양우익, 이미경, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 정웅윤, 조미애Article
2007Fidgetin-like 1 gene inhibited by basic fibroblast growth factor regulates the proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts.김명희, 박수진, 이유미, 이은직, 임승길Article
2007Analysis of adrenal masses by 18F-FDG positron emission tomography scanning강은석, 윤미진, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 전성완, 차봉수, 한승진Article
2007Islet cell differentiation in liver by combinatorial expression of transcription factors Neurogenin-3, BETA2, and RIPE3b1이은직Article
2007제2형 당뇨병 환자에서 인슐린저항성 지표와 프레밍험 위험도와의 관련성 안철우, 윤수진, 윤지은, 이은직, 조미애, 지선하Article
2007일시적인 뇌하수체기능저하증을 동반한 터너 증후군 1예 강은석, 김경래, 김혜진, 남지선, 박종숙, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2007당뇨병 미세혈관 합병증에서 생체 각막 공초점 현미경(In vivo Corneal Confocal Microscopy)과 신경성장인자(Nerve GrowthFactor)의 의의 강은석, 김경래, 김철식, 김혜진, 남지선, 노태웅, 박종숙, 안철우, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 이형근, 임승길, 조민호, 조영재, 차봉수Article
2007당뇨병 신증을 동반한 환자에서 단핵구 내 NF-кB 및 AP - 1의 활성화 강은석, 김경래, 김혜진, 남지선, 박종숙, 안철우, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2007Internet Diabetic Patient Management Using a Short Messaging Service Automatically Produced by a Knowledge Matrix System강은석, 김경래, 남지선, 박종숙, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수Article
2007The clinical and immunogenetic characteristics of adult-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus in Korea강은석, 김경래, 김철식, 김혜진, 남지선, 박종숙, 송민경, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조민호, 차봉수, 허갑범Article
2007The adaptation and relationship of FGF-23 to changes in mineral metabolism in Graves' disease강은석, 김경래, 김세화, 박세은, 안철우, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 조미애, 차봉수Article
2006PPARγ activation induces CD36 expression and stimulates foam cell like changes in rVSMCs이은직, 장양수Article
2006The H723R mutation in the PDS/SLC26A4 gene is associated with typical pendred syndrome in korean patients강은석, 김경래, 안철우, 이유미, 이은직, 임승길, 차봉수Article
2006말기신부전환자에서 인슐린항체에 의한 자가면역성 저혈당증 1예 강은석, 김범석, 안철우, 이유미, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수Article
2006Role of the Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases in Cytokine-Mediated Inhibition of Insulin Gene Expression이은직Article
2006제2형 당뇨병환자에서의 인슐린양 성장인자 결합단백질-3(IGFBP-3) promoter -202 A/C 유전자 다형성 강은석, 김경래, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수Article
2006Estrogen-induced Proliferation of Uterine Epithelial Cells Is Independent of Estrogen Receptor α Binding to Classical Estrogen Response Elements 이은직Article
2006Gene Transfer of Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor Suppresses Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis in a Hepatoblastoma Xenograft Model이은직Article
2006골감소를 보이는 가족성 저칼슘뇨성 고칼슘혈증 1예 문지애, 육종인, 이유미, 이은직, 임승길, 전성완Article
2005Duodenal Somatostatinoma Associated with Diabetic Ketoacidosis Presumably Caused by Somatostatin-28 Hypersecretion김경래, 김똘미, 남문석, 안철우, 이은직, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수, 홍순원Article
2003A dominant negative PPARγ mutant shows altered cofactor recruitment and inhibits adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells이은직Article
2002Activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase contributes to insulin-like growth factor-1 mediated inhibition of pancreatic beta cell death.이은직Article
2002Estrogen regulates a tissue-specific calpain in the anterior pituitary이은직Article
2002Inhibitory effects of antagonistic analogs of GHRH on GH3 pituitary cells overexpressing the human GHRH receptor 이은직Article
2002An estrogen receptor (ER) alpha DNA-binding domain knock-in mutation provides evidence for nonclassical ER pathway signaling in vivo이은직Article
2002Cell specific Cre-mediated activation of the diphtheria toxin gene in pituitary tumor: Potential for cytotoxic gene therapy이은직Article
2001Restoration of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) Responsiveness in Pituitary GH3 Cells by Adenovirus-Directed Expression of the Human GHRH Receptor이은직Article
2001Absence of Constitutively Activating Mutations in the GHRH Receptor in GH-Producing Pituitary Tumors이은직, 임승길Article
2001Inherited disorders of the gonadotropin hormones이은직Article
2001Adenovirus-directed expression of dominant negative estrogen receptor induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells and regression of tumors in nude mice. 이은직Article
2001Adenovirus-Mediated Targeted Expression of Toxic Genes to Adrenocorticotropin-Producing Pituitary Tumors Using the Proopiomelanocortin Promoter이은직Article