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이운규 [Lee, Woon Kyu]
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College of Medicine - Yonsei Biomedical Research Center

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2014Progression of diet induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is accompanied by increased expression of kruppel-like-factor 10 in mice 김자경, 이관식, 이운규, 이정일, 장혜영Article
2007LIM-homeodomain proteins Lhx1 and Lhx5, and their cofactor Ldb1, control Purkinje cell differentiation in the developing cerebellum 이운규Article
2007Role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-8, and dexamethasone in the focal adhesion kinase expression by human nucleus pulposus cells.이운규Article
2007Identification and analysis of the promoter region of the human PLC-δ4 gene이운규Article
2007MPSS profiling of embryonic gonad and primordial germ cells in chicken 이운규Article
2007Identification of a kidney-specific mouse organic cation transporter like-1 (mOCTL1) 이운규Article
2007Effect of Concentration and Exposure Duration of FBS on Parthenogenetic Development of Porcine Follicular Oocytes 이운규Article
2006Evidence for Cyclooxygenase-2 Association with Caveolin-3 in Primary Cultured Rat Chondrocytes 이운규Article
2006Identification of DNA copy-number aberrations by array-comparative genomic hybridization in patients with schizophrenia이운규Article
2006Cloning and characterization of the 5′-flanking region of the Ehox gene이운규Article
2006KAI1/CD82 suppresses tumor invasion by MMP9 inactivation via TIMP1 up-regulation in the H1299 human lung carcinoma cell line이운규Article
2006Identification of a novel murine organic anion transporter like protein 1 (OATLP1) expressed in the kidney 이운규Article
2006Introduction of Organic Anion Transporters (SLC22A) and a Regulatory Mechanism by Caveolins 이운규Article
2002Mechanism of silica-induced ROS generation in Rat2 fibroblast cells김형중, 이운규Article
2002Tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter polymorphism in coal workers' pneumoconiosis이운규Article
2002Different sensitivity to nephrotoxic agents and osmotic stress in proximal tubular and collecting duct cell lines derived from transgenic mice이운규Article
2001Assignment1 of the rat phospholipase C-δ1 gene (Plcd1) to rat chromosome band 8q32 by fluorescence in situ hybridization and radiation hybrid mapping이운규Article
2001Effect of bradykinin on cultured bovine corneal endothelial cells이운규Article