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이여문 [Li, Liwen]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology

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2015Role of region-distinctive expression of Rac1 in regulating fibronectin arrangement during palatal shelf elevation김성일, 이여문, 이종민, 정한성, 탕칭황article
2015Roles of Wnt inhibitory factor 1 during tooth morphogenesis김은정, 이여문, 정한성article
2015Hippo pathway/Yap regulates primary enamel knot and dental cusp patterning in tooth morphogenesis이여문, 정한성article
2014Morphological and molecular changes associated with Pitchfork during mouse palate development백형선, 이민정, 이여문, 정한성article
2014Failure of Tooth Formation Mediated by miR-135a Overexpression via BMP Signaling김은정, 윤경식, 이민정, 이여문, 정한성article