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Lee, Seung Koo [이승구]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Radiology (영상의학교실)
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2007White matter abnormalities associated with auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia: A combined study of voxel-based analyses of diffusion tensor imaging and structural magnetic resonance imagingPSYCHIATRY RESEARCH
2007Evidence of slow maturation of the superior longitudinal fasciculus in early childhood by diffusion tensor imaging NEUROIMAGE
2007대뇌피질 이형성증과 미세발생이상; 난치성 소아 간질로 뇌엽절제술을 받은 환자에서의 임상소견, 뇌파 및 영상학적 비교Journal of the Korean Child Neurology Society
2007Visualization of maturation of the corpus callosum during childhood and adolescence using T2 relaxometryINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL NEUROSCIENCE
2007Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome in a 7-year-old girlCLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY
2006Prediction of thrombolytic efficacy in acute ischemic stroke using thin-section noncontrast CTNEUROLOGY
2006Protective Effect of Agmatine on a Reperfusion Model After Transient Cerebral Ischemia: Temporal Evolution on Perfusion MR Imaging and Histopathologic Findings AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2006MR findings of fulminent leukoencephalopathy in EBV-associated hemophagocytic syndrome YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2006Diffusion-tensor magnetic resonance imaging in children with language impairmentNEUROREPORT
2006Pediatric diffusion tensor imaging: Normal database and observation of the white matter maturation in early childhoodNEUROIMAGE
2006Results of Transvenous Embolization of Cavernous Dural Arteriovenous Fistula: A Single-Center Experience with Emphasis on Complications and Management AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2005Stent-assisted coil embolization of intracranial wide-necked aneurysmsNEURORADIOLOGY
2005Decreased fractional anisotropy of middle cerebellar peduncle in crossed cerebellar diaschisis: Diffusion-tensor imaging-positron-emission tomography correlation study AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2005여성 우울증 환자의 전두엽 백질 대사물질에 대한 양성자 자기공명분광 연구 : 충동성과의 관계 Korean Journal of Psychopharmacology (대한정신약물학회지)
2005Mirtazapine 치료가 여자 우울증 환자의 해마 대사물질에 미치는 영향 Korean Journal of Psychopharmacology (대한정신약물학회지)
2005여성 우울증 환자의 해마 대사물질의 임상적 의의 Korean Journal of Psychopharmacology (대한정신약물학회지)
2005Free radicals as triggers of brain edema formation after strokeFREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE
2005The usefulness of fractional anisotropy maps in localization of lacunar infarctions in striatum, internal capsule and thalamusNEURORADIOLOGY
2005Detection of Thrombus in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Value of Thin-Section Noncontrast-Computed Tomography STROKE
2005Diffusion-tensor MR imaging and fiber tractography: A new method of describing aberrant fiber connections in developmental CNS anomaliesRADIOGRAPHICS
2004Single-photon emission computed tomography in a patient with ictal metamorphopsia SEIZURE-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPILEPSY
2004Reperfusion cellular injury in an animal model of transient ischemia AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2004Diffusion tensor MR imaging visualizes the altered hemispheric fiber connection in callosal dysgenesis AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2004편도 편평세포암종의 경부림프절 전이 Korean Journal of Head & Neck Oncology (대한두경부종양학회지)
2004Levodopa-responsive parkinsonism in hereditary spastic paraplegia with thin corpus callosumPARKINSONISM & RELATED DISORDERS
2004Diffusion tensor MRI visualizes decreased subcortical fiber connectivity in focal cortical dysplasiaNEUROIMAGE
2004Squash smear findings of spherical amyloid in pituitary prolactinoma: A case reportACTA CYTOLOGICA
2003Diffusion Tensor MRI and Fiber Tractography of Cerebellar Atrophy in Phenytoin UsersEPILEPSIA
2003Postoperative Evaluation of Moyamoya Disease with Perfusion-Weighted MR Imaging: Initial Experience AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2002Significance of 99mTc-ECD SPECT in Acute and Subacute Ischemic Stroke: Comparison with MR Images Including Diffusion and Perfusion Weighted Images YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2002Temporal changes in reversible cerebral ischemia on perfusion- and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imagingNEURORADIOLOGY
2002Evaluation of CSF Motion in Syringomyelia with Spatial Modulation of Magnetization (SPAMM) YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2002확산 텐서 영상을 이용한 정상 뇌백질과 뇌종양의 분할 비등방도 측정 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지)
2002확산 텐서 자기공명영상의 임상적 응용 Journal of the Korean Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (대한자기공명의과학회지)
2002고양이의 가역적 국소 뇌허혈 모델에서 현성확산계수의 회복 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지)
2002Interictal epileptiform discharges related to H-MRS-detected metabolic abnormalities in mesial temporal lobe epilepsyEPILEPSIA
2001Pituitary Adenomas: Early Postoperative MR Imaging After Transsphenoidal Resection AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
2000전자선 단층 촬영을 이용한 심근 관류 측정 Journal of the Korean Radiological Society (대한방사선의학회지)
1999소간혈관종의 조영증강 양상 : 다중시기 나선식 전산화단층촬영과 역동적 자기공명영상 소견 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지)
1999Evaluation of cerebral aneurysms with high-resolution MR angiography using a section-interpolation technique: correlation with digital subtraction angiography AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY