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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology
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2014Morphological and molecular changes associated with Pitchfork during mouse palate development백형선, 이민정, 이여문, 정한성Article
2014Alteration of Conserved Alternative Splicing in AMELX Causes Enamel Defects이민정, 정한성Article
2014Failure of Tooth Formation Mediated by miR-135a Overexpression via BMP Signaling김은정, 윤경식, 이민정, 이여문, 정한성Article
2014YAP and TAZ Regulate Skin Wound Healing이민정, 정한성Article
2013The Transcription Factor Protein Sox11 Enhances Early Osteoblast Differentiation by Facilitating Proliferation and the Survival of Mesenchymal and Osteoblast Progenitors가디죠게스, 아지타자미, 이민정, 임승길, 정한성, 조남훈Article
2013Expression of miR-206 during the initiation of mammary gland development윤경식, 이민정, 정한성, 조경원Article
2013Pax6 Expressed in Osteocytes Inhibits Canonical Wnt Signaling 가디죠게스, 김은진, 아지타자미, 이미정, 이민정, 임승길, 정한성Article
2013Ihh and Runx2/Runx3 signaling interact to coordinate early chondrogenesis: a mouse model 김은정, 신정오, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2013Thy-1 knockdown retards wound repair in mouse skin신정오, 이민정, 정한성Article
2012MiR-200b is involved in Tgf-β signaling to regulate mammalian palate development.권혁제, 신정오, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2011An Immune-compromised Method for Tooth Transplantation Using Adult Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Embryonic Tooth Germ 권혁제, 김은정, 박지희, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2011Identification and characterization of adenovirus early region 1B-associated protein 5 as a surface marker on undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells이민정, 정한성Article
2011Interactions between Shh, Sostdc1 and Wnt signaling and a new feedback loop for spatial patterning of the teeth 곽성욱, 김은정, 김희진, 신전수, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2011Retinoic acid modulates chondrogenesis in the developing mouse cranial base권혁제, 신정오, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2011The Role of Microtubule in the Regulation of Endochondral Bone Formation in the Developing Mouse Cranial Base 권혁제, 신정오, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2010Effects of hyaluronan on carrageenan-induced synovitis in rat TMJ 권혁제, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2010Function analysis of mesenchymal Bcor in tooth development by using RNA interference곽성욱, 김은정, 박지희, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조성원Article
2009Characteristics of ethylnitrosourea-induced cataracts이민정, 정한성Article
2009Shh and ROCK1 modulate the dynamic epithelial morphogenesis in circumvallate papilla development김연정, 김지연, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2009MAPK mediates Hsp25 signaling in incisor development이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2009Expression patterns of the Fam83h gene during murine tooth development이민정, 정한성Article
2008Expression of phosphorylated forms of ERK, MEK, PTEN and PI3K in mouse oral development이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2008Implications for tooth development on ENU-induced ectodermal dysplasia mice.이민정, 정한성Article
2008Wnt11/Fgfr1b cross-talk modulates the fate of cells in palate development 김재영, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2007Alteration of BMP-4 and Runx2 expression patterns in mouse temporomandibular joint after ovariectomy김희진, 박현도, 이민정, 이승일, 정한성, 조성원Article
2007Evidence for expansion-based temporal BMP4/NOGGIN interactions in specifying periodontium morphogenesis김재영, 김종관, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조성원, 최성호, 황희정Article
2007Patterning the size and number of tooth and its cusps김재영, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2007The primary enamel knot determines the position of the first buccal cusp in developing mice molars김재영, 이민정, 이현아, 정한성, 조성원Article
2005Formation of spacing pattern and morphogenesis of chick feather buds is regulated by cytoskeletal structures김재영, 송우철, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2005Characteristic tissue interaction of the diastema region in mice김재영, 송수진, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원, 황희정Article