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Lee, Dong Hoon [이동훈]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery (정형외과학교실)

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2019Functional recovery of daily living and sports activities after cosmetic bilateral tibia lengtheningINTERNATIONAL ORTHOPAEDICS
2018Hemiepiphysiodesis for Idiopathic Genu Valgum: Percutaneous Transphyseal Screw Versus Tension-band PlateJOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC ORTHOPAEDICS
2018Preoperative Diagnosis and Treatment Outcomes of Incarcerated Inferiorly Displaced Flap Tear of the Medial Meniscus: Comparison between Flap Tears with and without Incarcerated Fragment BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
2018What is the best treatment for displaced Salter-Harris II physeal fractures of the distal tibia? ACTA ORTHOPAEDICA
2017A Comparison of the Device-Related Complications of Intramedullary Lengthening Nails Using a New Classification System BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
2017Open Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy with Distal Tubercle Osteotomy Lessens Change in Patellar Position BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
2017Impact of Open Reduction on Surgical Strategies for Missed Monteggia Fracture in Children. YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2016Is Botulinum Toxin Type A a Valuable Adjunct During Femoral Lengthening? A Randomized TrialCLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
2016Reamed Intramedullary Nailing has an Adverse Effect on Bone Regeneration During the Distraction Phase in Tibial LengtheningCLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
2016Is there an Increase in Valgus Deviation in Tibial Distraction Using the Lengthening Over Nail Technique?CLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
2016Salvage procedures for the painful chronically dislocated hip in cerebral palsyBONE & JOINT JOURNAL
2015One-stage rotational osteotomy for congenital radioulnar synostosisJOURNAL OF HAND SURGERY-EUROPEAN VOLUME
2015Fixator-assisted Technique Enables Less Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis in Medial Opening-wedge High Tibial Osteotomy: A Novel TechniqueCLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
2015An analysis of normative data on the knee rotatory profile and the usefulness of the Rotatometer, a new instrument for measuring tibiofemoral rotation: the reliability of the knee RotatometerKNEE SURGERY SPORTS TRAUMATOLOGY ARTHROSCOPY
2014Botulinum toxin a does not decrease calf pain or improve ROM during limb lengthening: a randomized trial.CLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
2014Complications of the Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor (ISKD) in distraction osteogenesis.CLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
2014Bone marrow aspirate concentrate and platelet-rich plasma enhanced bone healing in distraction osteogenesis of the tibia.CLINICAL ORTHOPAEDICS AND RELATED RESEARCH
1999Ceramic (Bioceramics)의 골 보진 (충진)효과 대한골대사학회지