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윤재석 [Yoon, Jae Seok]
Department :
College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Pharmacology (약리학교실)

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2010Dynamic regulation of CFTR bicarbonate permeability by [Cl-]i and its role in pancreatic bicarbonate secretion.김경식, 김경환, 김주영, 남주현, 박현우, 윤재석, 이민구, 이정수Article
2009Effects of KR-33028, a novel Na+/H+ exchanger-1 inhibitor, on glutamate-induced neuronal cell death and ischemia-induced cerebral infarct윤재석, 이민구Article
2008PAR2 exerts local protection against acute pancreatitis via modulation of MAP kinase and MAP kinase phosphatase signaling. 김경환, 윤재석, 이민구Article
2008Heterogeneity in the processing defect of SLC26A4 mutants.김경환, 윤재석, 이민구, 이원상Article