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유정은 [Yoo, Jeong Eun]
Department :
College of Medicine : Yonsei Biomedical Research Center
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2015 PSA-NCAM-negative neural crest cells emerging during neural induction of pluripotent stem cells cause mesodermal tumors and unwanted grafts 김동욱, 김한수, 박상현, 박철용, 유정은, 이동진, 이재석, 이준원, 지은현
2013 ABCD2 Is a Direct Target of β-Catenin and TCF-4: Implications for X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy Therapy 김동욱, 김한수, 박철용, 유정은, 이동진, 이재석, 이현지, 장지호
2012 Disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cells: a platform for human disease modeling and drug discovery. 김한수, 장지호, 허용준, 강훈철, 김대성, 유정은, 김동욱, 이동진, 김지영, 이정아
2011 Epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) marks hepatocytes newly derived from stem/progenitor cells in humans. 박영년, 유정은, 윤소미
2011 Invasion and EMT-associated genes are up-regulated in B viral hepatocellular carcinoma with high expression of CD133-human and cell culture study. 나득채, 박영년, 유정은, 최기홍
2011 Notch1 differentially regulates oncogenesis by wildtype p53 overexpression and p53 mutation in grade III hepatocellular carcinoma 박영년, 유정은, 최기홍
2011 Induced pluripotent stem cell models from X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy patients 이지원, 임보영, 장지호, 허용준, 강훈철, 김대성, 김동욱, 김지영, 김한수, 유정은, 이정아
2009 Human PinX1 mediates TRF1 accumulation in nucleolus and enhances TRF1 binding to telomeres 박영년, 오봉경, 유정은
2009 Chromosomal instability, telomere shortening, and inactivation of p21(WAF1/CIP1) in dysplastic nodules of hepatitis B virus-associated multistep hepatocarcinogenesis 김경식, 박영년, 오봉경, 유정은, 윤소미, 최진섭
2009 Large liver cell change in hepatitis B virus-related liver cirrhosis 박영년, 박찬일, 유정은, 윤소미
2008 High telomerase activity and long telomeres in advanced hepatocellular carcinomas with poor prognosis. 김경식, 박영년, 박찬일, 오봉경, 유정은, 최진섭