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원성윤 [Won, Sung Yoon]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology

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2013Realization of Masticatory Movement by 3-Dimensional Simulation of the Temporomandibular Joint and the Masticatory Muscles김희진, 박종태, 원성윤, 이상희, 이재기, 차정열Article
2012Ultrasound-guided lateral approach for needle insertion into the subscapularis for treatment of spasticity김희진, 나동욱, 원성윤Article
2012Topography of the arteries supplying the masseter muscle: Using dissection and Sihler's method.김성택, 김희진, 원성윤, 최다예, 허경석Article
2012Topography of the submental artery that should be considered in bleeding during dentoalveolar surgery김홍산, 김희진, 원성윤, 정의원, 최다예, 허경석Article
2012Intramuscular nerve distribution pattern of the adductor longus and gracilis muscles demonstrated with Sihler staining: guidance for botulinum toxin injection.김홍산, 김희진, 나동욱, 박은숙, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2012Sihler-stain study of buccal nerve distribution and its clinical implications김희진, 양헌무, 원성윤, 이재기, 허경석Article
2012Trabecular bone ratio of the mandibular condyle according to the presence of teeth: a micro-CT study김기덕, 김희진, 원성윤, 이재기, 최다예, 허경석Article
2011Variations in the trabecular bone ratio of the maxilla according to sex, age, and region using micro-computed tomography in Koreans김성태, 김희진, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2011Alveolar regions of the mandible for the installation of immediate-implant fixtures and bone screws of alveolar distractors.김다혜, 김희진, 원성윤, 한동후, 허경석Article
2011Analysis of the Intramuscular Innervation of the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle 김희진, 원성윤Article
2011Clinical and anatomical approach using Sihler's staining technique (whole mount nerve stain). 김다혜, 김희진, 박종태, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2010Intramuscular nerve distribution of the masseter muscle as a basis for botulinum toxin injection김다혜, 김현주, 김희진, 원성윤, 최종훈, 허경석Article
2010Intramuscular communicating branches in the flexor digitorum profundus: dissection and Sihler's staining김희진, 원성윤, 이재기, 최다예, 허경석Article
2010Extra- and intramuscular nerve distribution patterns of the muscles of the ventral compartment of the forearm김희진, 나동욱, 박현도, 원성윤, 허경석, 허미선Article
2010Trabecular bone ratio of mandible using micro-computed tomography in Korean김성태, 김희진, 원성윤, 정문규, 허경석Article
2009The buccofacial wall of maxillary sinus: an anatomical consideration for sinus augmentation김희진, 송우철, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2009Course and distribution of the lingual nerve in the ventral tongue region: anatomical considerations for frenectomy.김다혜, 김희진, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2008Clinical implications of the topography of the arteries supplying the medial pterygoid muscle김희진, 원성윤, 허경석, 허미선Article