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우연이 [Woo, Yeon I.]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Medical Engineering

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2012In-vivo and in-vitro biocompatibility evaluations of silver nanoparticles with antimicrobial activity박종철, 우연이, 이미희Article
2010The biological activities of (1,3)-(1,6)-beta-d-glucan and porous electrospun PLGA membranes containing beta-glucan in human dermal fibroblasts and adipose tissue-derived stem cells김혜리, 박봉주, 박종철, 우연이, 이미희Article
2010Cellular responses and behaviors of adipose-derived stem cells onto β-glucan and PLGA composites surface-modified by microwave-induced argon plasma김혜리, 박종철, 우연이, 이미희, 한동욱Article
2009Beneficial effects of microwave-induced argon plasma treatment on cellular behaviors of articular chondrocytes onto nanofibrous silk fibroin mesh나동균, 박종철, 우연이, 이미희, 진수창Article
2009Selective sterilization of Vibro parahaemolyticus from a bacterial mixture by low-amperage electric current 박종철, 우연이, 이미희, 진수창Article
2008Sterilization of microorganisms in silk fabrics by microwave-induced argon plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure박동정, 박종철, 우연이, 이미희Article
2008Surface modification for enhancing behaviors of vascular endothelial cells onto polyurethane films by microwave-induced argon plasma박종철, 백현숙, 우연이, 이미희Article
2008Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes in brine and saline by alternating high-voltage pulsed current 박종철, 우연이, 이미희, 한동욱Article
2007Growth of Smooth Muscle Cell and Endothelial Cell on PLGA Film containing EGCG박종철, 백현숙, 우연이, 이미희, 이택형, 임혜련Article
2007Application of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Method for Porous Polyurethane Sterilization박종철, 우연이, 이미희Article
2007Toxicity Test of Wound Covering Material on Animals박종철, 백현숙, 우연이, 이미희, 이택형, 임혜련Article
2007Effects Of (1→3), (1→6)-β-D-Glucan Behavior in Human Dermal Fibroblast Cells under Serum Starvation박종철, 백현숙, 손현주, 우연이, 이미희, 임혜련Article
2007Stimulated TNF-α release in macrophage and enhanced migration of dermal fibroblast by β-glucan박종철, 백현숙, 손현주, 우연이, 이미희, 한동욱Article
2007Escherichia coli sterilization and lipopolysaccharide inactivation using microwave-induced argon plasma at atmospheric pressure박종철, 손현주, 우연이, 이미희, 한동욱Article