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오재원 [Oh, Jae Won]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Internal Medicine
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2012Prognostic value of change in red cell distribution width 1 month after discharge in acute decompensated heart failure patients. 강석민, 김수영, 박성하, 오재원, 원호연, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식Article
2012The relationship between insulin-like growth factor-1 and metabolic syndrome, independent of adiponectin.강석민, 김종윤, 박성하, 오재원, 윤종찬, 이상학, 장양수, 지선하Article
2012Red blood cell distribution width predicts early mortality in patients with acute dyspnea.강석민, 김수영, 박성하, 오재원, 원호연, 윤종찬, 장양수, 홍남기Article
2012Clinical implication of right bundle branch block in hospitalized patients with acute heart failure: data from the Korean Heart Failure (KorHF) Registry.강석민, 오재원, 윤종찬, 홍성진Article
2012Successful management of a rare case of stent fracture and subsequent migration of the fractured stent segment into the ascending aorta in in-stent restenotic lesions of a saphenous vein graft. 김미현, 김병극, 김충기, 박준범, 양영준, 오재원, 원호연, 최동훈, 홍명기Article
2011¹H nuclear magnetic resonance based metabolic urinary profiling of patients with ischemic heart failure강석민, 오재원, 정지형Article
2011Clinical and echocardiographic findings of newly diagnosed acute decompensated heart failure in elderly patients. 강석민, 문정근, 심재민, 오재원, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식, 조인정Article
2011C-reactive protein induces p53-mediated cell cycle arrest in H9c2 cardiac myocytes강석민, 김수영, 김수혁, 오재원, 원호연, 이경혜, 이범섭, 정지형, 진태원, 최지원Article
2011Late stent thrombosis after drug-eluting stent implantation: a rare case of accelerated neo-atherosclerosis and early manifestation of neointimal rupture. 김미현, 김병극, 김충기, 박준범, 양영준, 오재원, 원호연, 홍명기Article
2010High-dose allopurinol in patients with stable angina pectoris.강석민, 오재원, 이민걸Article
2010High-dose versus low-dose losartan in patients with heart failure강석민, 오재원Article
2010Dietary Therapy in Hypertension강석민, 오재원Article
2009Uric acid and cardiovascular risk.강석민, 오재원Article
2009Cardiac fibroblasts require focal adhesion kinase for normal proliferation and migration 강석민, 오재원Article
2009Cardiovascular images. Giant right coronary aneurysm to left ventricular fistula 강석민, 김주훈, 심지영, 오재원, 최병욱Article
2009Relation between red cell distribution width with echocardiographic parameters in patients with acute heart failure강석민, 박성하, 신민정, 오재원, 이상학, 장양수, 정남식Article
2009Outcomes in patients with prolonged PR interval or first-degree atrioventricular block강석민, 오재원, 원호연Article
2008Clopidogrel treatment and the MEND-CABG II trial강석민, 오재원Article
2008Thrombus aspiration during percutaneous coronary intervention강석민, 오재원Article
2008Heat Shock Protein 90 Regulates Angiotensin II-induced Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Hypertrophy through STAT1 Nuclear Translocation and IL-6 Release강석민, 오재원, 장양수, 황기철Article
2008Losartan inhibits proliferation and inflammation of vascular smooth muscle cells by modulation of uric acid transporter강석민, 김혜정, 송병욱, 오재원, 임소연, 장양수, 장우철, 정남식, 차민지, 황기철Article
2007The Failing Heart강석민, 오재원Article
2007Use of Corticosteroids to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery강석민, 오재원Article
2007Serum retinol binding protein 4 levels are associated with serum adiponectin levels in non-diabetic, non-obese subjects with hypercholesterolemia강석민, 오재원, 장양수, 정남식Article
2003A novel uracil‐DNA glycosylase family related to the helix–hairpin–helix DNA glycosylase superfamily 오재원, 장양수, 황기철Article