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양희준 [Yang, Hee Jun]
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Research Institutes - National Biochip Research Center

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2010Topographical anatomy of the transverse facial artery길영천, 양희준, 이혜연Article
2009Intersegmental origin of the axillary artery and accompanying variation in the brachial plexus길영천, 양희준, 이혜연Article
2008Variations of the Superficial Brachial Artery in Korean Cadavers 길영천, 양희준, 이혜연Article
2008무릎관절 안정과 관련된 앞십자인대 부착부위와 무릎관절 뒤가쪽부위 인대의 해부학길영천, 박지아, 양희준, 이혜연Article
2008배뇨조절과 관련된 감각세포에서 purinergic receptor와 vanilloid receptor의 분포와 상관관계길영천, 양희준, 양희준, 이혜연Article
2008Anatomy of thoracic splanchnic nerves for surgical resection길영천, 양희준, 이우정, 이혜연Article