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김현창 [Kim, Hyeon Chang]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Preventive Medicine
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2016The Association Between Smoking Tobacco After a Diagnosis of Diabetes and the Prevalence of Diabetic Nephropathy in the Korean Male Population 김현창, 서일, 염형선, 이정현Article
2016Thirty-Year Trends in Mortality from Cerebrovascular Diseases in Korea 김현창, 서일, 이혜선Article
2016Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentration Is Independently Inversely Associated with Insulin Resistance in the Healthy, Non-Obese Korean Population 김현창, 심지선Article
2016Low Dentin Matrix Protein 1 Is Associated With Incident Cardiovascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients강신욱, 강혜영, 권영은, 기연경, 김현창, 김형래, 남보영, 박서현, 박성하, 박정탁, 서창환, 유태현, 윤창연, 윤해룡, 이미솔, 임승길, 정수영, 지종현, 차민욱, 한승혁Article
2016Low Normal TSH levels are Associated with Impaired BMD and Hip Geometry in the Elderly 김창오, 김현창, 이수진, 이유미Article
2016Gr-1intCD11b+ myeloid-derived suppressor cells accumulate in corneal allograft and improve corneal allograft survival김응권, 김현창, 이형근, 지용우, 최웅락Article
2016Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Depressive Symptoms among Korean Adolescents: JS High School Study 김현창, 이주영Article
2016대사증후군과 자기기입식 설문도구를 이용한치주건강의 관련성 김현창, 심지선Article
2016The Effect of Ambient Titanium Dioxide Microparticle Exposure to the Ocular Surface on the Expression of Inflammatory Cytokines in the Eye and Cervical Lymph Nodes김현창, 이형근Article
2016The Association between Parameters of Socioeconomic Status and Hypertension in Korea: the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study 김현창, 박성하Article
2016Cross-sectional and longitudinal association between hemoglobin concentration and hypertension: A population-based cohort study 김현창, 서일, 염형선, 이정현, 이주미Article
2016Secondhand smoke exposure and mental health problems in Korean adults 김현창, 심지선Article
2015Admission route and use of invasive procedures during hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction: analysis of 2007-2011 National Health Insurance database 강대용, 김현창, 신동호, 염형선Article
2015Thirty-year trends in mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Korea 김현창, 서일, 이혜선Article
2015Association between Fibrinogen and Carotid Atherosclerosis According to Smoking Status in a Korean Male Population 김병극, 김현창, 서일, 조혜민Article
2015Association between environmental tobacco smoke and depression among Korean women 김현창, 서일, 이주영Article
2015Elevation of Serum Aminotransferase Levels and Future Risk of Death from External Causes: A Prospective Cohort Study in Korea 김창수, 김현창, 서일, 손정우, 조재림Article
2015Measures of Adiposity in the Identification of Metabolic Abnormalities in Middle-aged and Older Korean Adults 김현창, 서일Article
2015The ACC/AHA 2013 pooled cohort equations compared to a Korean Risk Prediction Model for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease김현창, 김희진, 남정모, 박성하, 장양수, 정금지, 지선하Article
2015Prevalence and Trends of Isolated Systolic Hypertension among Korean Adults: the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1998-2012 김현창Article
2015Application of New Cholesterol Guidelines to the Korean Adult Diabetic Patients 김현창Article
2015Performance of HbA1c for the prediction of diabetes in a rural community in Korea김현창, 서일, 송보미, 이용호, 이주미, 이주영Article
2015Serum HBV surface antigen positivity is associated with low prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Korean adult men 김현창Article
2015Gender differences in hypertension control among older korean adults: Korean social life, health, and aging project 김현창, 이원준, 추상희Article
2015Association between C reactive protein level and depressive symptoms in an elderly Korean population: Korean Social Life, Health and Aging Project 김현창, 이주미, 최웅락, 추상희Article
2015Appendicular skeletal muscle mass and insulin resistance in an elderly korean population: the korean social life, health and aging project-health examination cohort 김현창, 이원준, 최웅락, 추상희Article
2015Impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance do not predict hypertension: a community cohort study김현창, 박성하, 이찬주Article
2015Effects of age, sex, and menopausal status on blood cholesterol profile in the korean population 김현창, 송보미, 심지선, 이명하, 최동필Article
2015Association between Obesity Indices and Insulin Resistance among Healthy Korean Adolescents: The JS High School Study 김현창, 이유미, 임선민Article
2014The Korean urban and rural elderly cohort study: study design and protocol 김창오, 김현창, 윤영미, 이유미, 이은영, 이주미, 최동필Article
2014Social network properties and self-rated health in later life: comparisons from the Korean social life, health, and aging project and the national social life, health and aging project 김현창, 추상희Article
2014Long-term outcomes of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in the era of antiviral therapy in Korea김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 김자경, 김현창, 박윤혜, 박준용, 신승환, 안상훈, 한광협, 한규연Article
2014Association between skeletal muscle mass and radial augmentation index in an elderly Korean population김창오, 김현창, 이원준, 최웅락, 추상희Article
2014Development and Application of Chronic Disease Risk Prediction Models 김현창, 오선민Article
2014Association between Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Level and Insulin Resistance in a Rural Population 김현창, 서일, 오선민, 최동필Article
2014An Exploratory Analysis of the Effects of Gyungrodang Use on Depression among Rural Elderly김현창, 추상희Article
2014Spatial epidemiology of dry eye disease: findings from South Korea 김현창, 이형근Article
2014A coronary heart disease prediction model: The Korean heart study 김현창, 장양수, 정금지, 지선하Article
2014The Korean Social Life, Health and Aging Project-Health Examination Cohort 김현창, 이원준, 이주미, 최웅락, 추상희Article
2014Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Insulin Resistance in Apparently Healthy Adolescents 김현창, 오선민, 이원준, 이유미, 이주미, 조혜민, 최동필Article
2014Dietary assessment methods in epidemiologic studies 김현창, 심지선Article
2014Urban-rural differences explain the association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level and insulin resistance in Korea 김창오, 김현창, 윤영미, 이유미, 이은영, 이주미Article
2014Association between stressful life events and resting heart rate 강지인, 김현창, 서일, 이주미Article
2014Model for assessing cardiovascular risk in a Korean population김현창Article
2014Gender differences in the association between serum γ-glutamyltransferase and blood pressure change: a prospective community-based cohort study. 김현창, 박성하, 하경화Article
2014(A)24-Year Follow-Up Study of Blood Pressure Tracking from Childhood to Adulthood in Korea : The Kangwha Study 강대용, 김현창, 서일, 이명하Article
2013Psychosocial Impact of Cancer Patients on Their Family Members 김현창, 이수현, 임선민Article
2013The influence of sex and age on the relationship between sleep duration and metabolic syndrome in Korean adults김현창, 서일Article
2013Social Network Characteristics and Body Mass Index in an Elderly Korean Population 김현창, 이원준, 이유미, 추상희Article
2013Longitudinal Standards for Height and Height Velocity in Korean Children and Adolescents: the Kangwha Cohort Study 강대용, 권아름, 김예진, 김용혁, 김하얀, 김현창, 김호성, 서일, 오선민, 채현욱Article