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College of Medicine - Dept. of Dermatology
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2013아토피피부염 환자에서 국소 tacrolimus 0.1%에 대한 약물정보지 제공의 효과 및 국소 tacrolimus 0.1% 효능과 환자의 순응도 평가 박창욱, 이주희Article
2013Ultraviolet B activated 1,25(OH)2D affects the level of fibroblast growth factor-23 in human 김경민, 김도영, 박윤기, 신동엽, 이유미, 이주희, 임승길, 최한석Article
2012Prevalence and severity of atopic dermatitis in Jeju Island: a cross-sectional study of 4,028 Korean elementary schoolchildren by physical examination utilizing the three-item severity score 김대석, 이광훈, 이민걸, 이주희Article
2012Treatment of anetoderma occurring after resolution of Stevens-Johnson syndrome using an ablative 10,600-nm carbon dioxide fractional laser.이주희Article
2012Ultrastructural features of nevus comedonicus.방동식, 오상호, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2012Treatment of Davener's dermatosis using a 1064-nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with low fluence.이상주, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2012Relaxin-expressing adenovirus decreases collagen synthesis and up-regulates matrix metalloproteinase expression in keloid fibroblasts: in vitro experiments김용욱, 나동균, 이원재, 이주희Article
2012PHACE syndrome associated with club foot and thumb-in-palm deformity김수찬, 김종훈, 이주희Article
2012Identification of HnRNP-A2/B1 as a target antigen of anti-endothelial cell IgA antibody in Behçet's disease.강신욱, 김도희, 박용범, 방동식, 이광훈, 이주희, 정진룡, 조성빈Article
2012Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies and joint involvement in Behçet's disease 박용범, 방동식, 이광훈, 이수곤, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2012Treatment of epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor-induced acneiform eruption with topical recombinant human epidermal growth factor신정우, 이주희, 조병철Article
2012Ustekinumab improves health-related quality of life in Korean and Taiwanese patients with moderate to severe psoriasis: results from the PEARL trial이주희Article
2012A split-face comparison of a fractional microneedle radiofrequency device and fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy in acne patients신정우, 이주희Article
2012Knockdown of paraoxonase 1 expression influences the ageing of human dermal microvascular endothelial cells.김산, 박창욱, 이광훈, 이나라, 이윤선, 이주희Article
2012Silicone-induced foreign body reaction of the face successfully treated using nonablative 1,550-nm erbium-glass and ablative 10,600-nm carbon dioxide fractional lasers.신정우, 이주희Article
2011Early postoperative treatment of thyroidectomy scars using a fractional carbon dioxide las남기현, 노효진, 이원재, 이주희, 정기양, 정웅윤, 정종주Article
2011Enhancing effect of pretreatment with topical niacin in the treatment of rosacea-associated erythema by 585-nm pulsed dye laser in Koreans: a randomized, prospective, split-face trial노효진, 오상호, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2011Combination treatment of non-segmental vitiligo with a 308-nm xenon chloride excimer laser and topical high-concentration tacalcitol: a prospective, single-blinded, paired, comparative study.도정은, 오상호, 이주희Article
2011Erythema ab igne successfully treated using 1,064-nm Q-switched neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser with low fluence이주희Article
2011Erythema nodosum-like skin lesions associated with Behçet's disease show 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake on PET/CT.방동식, 이종두, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2011Increased retinol-binding protein (RBP) 4 and anti-RBP4 antibody in alopecia areata방동식, 이광훈, 이주희, 조성빈, 최은아Article
2011Treatment of syringoma using an ablative 10,600-nm carbon dioxide fractional laser: a prospective analysis of 35 patients.이주희, 조성빈Article
2011A phase I study of nimotuzumab in combination with radiotherapy in stages IIB-IV non-small cell lung cancer unsuitable for radical therapy: Korean results.권지은, 김세규, 김주항, 박무석, 손주혁, 심효섭, 양우익, 이익재, 이주희, 이창걸, 최혜진Article
2011Solitary Type of Congenital Self-healing Reticulohistiocytosis 김희정, 이주희Article
2010Lower-fluence, higher-density versus higher-fluence, lower-density treatment with a 10,600-nm carbon dioxide fractional laser system: a split-face, evaluator-blinded study방동식, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Vitiligo following intense pulsed light treatment노미령, 신정우, 이주희Article
2010A Case of Hand-foot-mouth Disease in an Immunocompetent Adult 신정우, 오상호, 이주희Article
2010인간 면역결핍 바이러스 감염의 진단에 실마리가 된 양측성 이중성 대상포진 1예 이주희Article
2010Effective treatment of facial redness caused by atopic dermatitis using intense pulsed light systems오상호, 이광훈, 이주희Article
2010Can blood components with age-related changes influence the ageing of endothelial cells?오상호, 이광훈, 이주희Article
2010Use of 532-nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser for smoker's gingival hyperpigmentation방동식, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Visualization of the inflammatory process in Behçet's disease using fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography: a case report.방동식, 윤미진, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2010A case of Serratia marcescens infection after augmentation rhinoplasty오상호, 이주희Article
2010손톱밑 표피낭종 1예 오상호, 이주희Article
2010Combination of Q-switched and quasi long-pulsed 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser, non-ablative 1450-nm diode laser, and ablative 10 600-nm carbon dioxide fractional laser for enlarged pores이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Keratoacanthoma aggravated after photodynamic therapy이주희Article
2010경증 및 중등도의 한국인 여드름 환자에서 1% Nadifloxacin 크림(Nadixa(R))의 유효성 및 안전성 평가 이주희Article
2010Signet-ring cell basal cell carcinoma노미령, 이주희Article
2010Identification of streptococcal proteins reacting with sera from Behçet's disease and rheumatic disorders박용범, 방동식, 안근재, 이광훈, 이수곤, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Efficacy and safety of 1064-nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with low fluence for keloids and hypertrophic scars방동식, 오상호, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Formation of arcuate crusted lesions after non-ablative 1450-nm diode laser treatment equipped with a dynamic cooling device이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Reactivation of anti-human alpha-enolase antibody-positive Behçet's disease by carbon dioxide laser treatment. 노미령, 신정우, 안근재, 이광훈, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2010Knockdown of moesin expression accelerates cellular senescence of human dermal microvascular endothelial cells 오상호, 이광훈, 이주희Article
2010Quality of life and psychological adaptation of Korean adolescents with vitiligo신의진, 이주희, 최솔Article
2009The effect of moesin overexpression on ageing of human dermal microvascular endothelial cells오상호, 이광훈, 이주희Article
2009Comparison of a 1,550 nm Erbium: glass fractional laser and a chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS) method in the treatment of acne scars: a simultaneous split-face trial이주희Article
2009Effects of ablative 10,600-nm carbon dioxide fractional laser therapy on suppurative diseases of the skin: a case series of 12 patients이상주, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2009Human anti-alpha-enolase antibody in sera from patients with Behçet's disease and rheumatologic disorders박용범, 방동식, 안근재, 오상호, 이광훈, 이수곤, 이주희, 조성빈Article
2009손에 발생한 Myxoid Neurothekeoma 1예 이주희Article
2009Isolated extragenital bowenoid papulosis of the toe-webs. 오상호, 이광훈, 이주희Article