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김창훈 [Kim, Chang Hoon]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2015Comparison of intranasal ciclesonide, oral levocetirizine, and combination treatment for allergic rhinitis 김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2015Reliability and validity testing of automated scoring in obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis with the Embletta X100김창훈Article
2015Level of secreted HMGB1 correlates with severity of inflammation in chronic rhinosinusitis김창훈, 민현진, 윤주헌, 정효진Article
2015Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species modulate innate immune response to influenza A virus in human nasal epithelium김수진, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 정효진Article
2015Hypoxia increases epithelial permeability in human nasal epithelia 김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2015Surgical outcomes of primary and revision augmentation rhinoplasty using a processed fascia lata김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2015Immediate re-insertion of non-autologous materials in revision augmentation rhinoplasty김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2014Cervical subcutaneous emphysema and pneumomediastinum after septorhinoplasty.강주완, 김창훈, 홍재민Article
2014Delayed cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea four years after gamma knife surgery for juvenile angiofibroma김창훈, 민현진, 정효진Article
2014Th2 cytokines differentially regulate psoriasin expression in human nasal epithelia김창훈, 민현진, 윤주헌, 조형주Article
2014Protection against colitis by CD100-dependent modulation of intraepithelial gamma delta T lymphocyte function 김창훈Article
20146세 남아에서의 산발성 천사얼굴증 컴퓨터단층촬영 소견 김진아, 김창훈, 신나영Article
2014The association between serum vitamin D level and immunoglobulin E in Korean adolescents강주완, 김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2014Treatment outcomes of sinonasal adenoid cystic carcinoma: 30 cases from a single institution김창훈, 성상엽, 윤주헌, 이정권, 조형주Article
2014Hypoxia-mediated mechanism of MUC5AC production in human nasal epithelial and its implication in rhinosinusitis 김창훈, 송현아, 윤주헌, 조형주Article
2014Endoscopic Endonasal Marsupialization of Nasopalatine Duct Cyst강주완, 김창훈, 김학진, 남웅Article
2014Gene regulation by glucocorticoid in ENaC-mediated Na(+) transport by middle ear epithelial cells.김보경, 김성헌, 김진영, 김창훈, 최재영Article
2013Distinct TLR-mediated pathways regulate house dust mite–induced allergic disease in the upper and lower airways김창훈, 신동민, 유지환, 윤주헌, 이상남Article
2013The dimension of hyoid bone is independently associated with the severity of obstructive sleep apnea 김창훈, 민현진, 안상현, 윤주헌, 이정권, 조형주Article
2013Reactive Oxygen Species Induce Antiviral Innate Immune Response through IFN-λ Regulation in Human Nasal Epithelial Cells김민지, 김창훈, 유지환, 윤주헌, 이재면Article
2013Angiomyolipoma of the Nasal Cavity Resected with Preoperative Angio-Embolization 김창훈, 안상현Article
2013CT and MR imaging findings of sinonasal schwannoma: A review of 12 cases 김유석, 김진아, 김창훈Article
2013The feasibility of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography uptake as a prognostic factor for paranasal sinus malignancy김진아, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 이종두Article
2012Dual oxidase 2 is essential for the toll-like receptor 5-mediated inflammatory response in airway mucosa김창훈, 유지환, 윤주헌, 이상남, 주정희Article
2012Sinonasal carcinoma associated with inverted papilloma: a report of 16 cases김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 최은창Article
2012Specific IgE measurement using AdvanSure® system: comparison of detection performance with ImmunoCAP® system in Korean allergy patients.김경원, 김창훈, 김현숙, 박경희, 박중원, 손명현, 이재현, 홍천수Article
2012Full-thickness horizontal mucosal incision to correct high septals deviation: our experience in ten patients.김유석, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 현동우Article
2012Expression of Bitter Taste Receptors in Human Nasal Respiratory Epithelium 김창훈, 문석준, 안정미Article
2012Protease-activated receptor 2-dependent fluid secretion from airway submucosal glands by house dust mite extract김규보, 김상철, 김유석, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 이현재, 조형주, 최재영Article
2011Radiologic characteristics of sinonasal fungus ball: an analysis of 119 cases김규보, 김진아, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권Article
2011Treatment outcomes of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma according to surgical approach.김원식, 김유석, 김창훈, 유지환, 윤주헌, 현동우Article
2011A modified midfacial degloving approach for the treatment of unilateral paranasal sinus tumours강주완, 김유석, 김창훈, 신우철, 윤주헌, 이정권Article
2011Paranasal sinus mucoceles with ophthalmologic manifestations: a 17-year review of 96 cases.김규보, 김유석, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권Article
2011Crosstalk between platelet-derived growth factor-induced Nox4 activation and MUC8 gene overexpression in human airway epithelial cells김창훈, 유지환, 윤주헌, 이상남, 이정권, 주정희Article
2010Treatment outcomes of sinonasal inverted papillomas according to surgical approaches김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2010Extranodal nasal-type NK/T-cell lymphoma: computed tomography findings of head and neck involvement김동익, 김세헌, 김응엽, 김진아, 김창훈, 이승구, 최은창Article
2010House dust mite extract activates apical Cl(-) channels through protease-activated receptor 2 in human airway epithelia김창훈, 신동민, 윤주헌, 이현재, 지헌영, 최재영, 홍정희Article
2010Activation of c-Myb transcription factor is critical for PMA-induced lysozyme expression in airway epithelial cells강주완, 김창훈, 문욱열, 배정호, 윤주헌Article
2010Downregulation of Th17 cells in the small intestine by disruption of gut flora in the absence of retinoic acid. 김창훈Article
2010Surgical anatomy of cartilaginous structures of the Asian nose: clinical implications in rhinoplasty김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2010Epicatechin gallate suppresses oxidative stress-induced MUC5AC overexpression by interaction with epidermal growth factor receptor.김창훈, 문욱열, 유지환, 윤주헌, 이정권Article
2010Premaxillary augmentation using autologous costal cartilage as an adjunct to rhinoplasty김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2010AP2alpha is essential for MUC8 gene expression in human airway epithelial cells김윤주, 김창훈, 문욱열, 윤주헌, 윤호근, 최연호, 최재영Article
2010Intranasal mycetoma-induced Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon강주완, 구자승, 김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2010Innate immune responses of the airway epithelium.김창훈, 유지환, 윤주헌Article
2008Characterization and TCR variable region gene use of mouse resident nasal gammadelta T lymphocytes 김창훈Article
2008상피의 γδ T 세포 김창훈Article
2007Surgical treatment versus concurrent chemoradiotherapy as an initial treatment modality in advanced olfactory neuroblastoma김창훈, 윤주헌Article
2007Airway Reconstruction With Carrier-Free Cell Sheets Composed of Autologous Nasal Squamous Epithelium김경수, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권Article
2007염산레보세티리진 경구투여가 알레르기비염 환자의 삶의 질에 미치는 영향 김경수, 김창훈, 박중원, 윤주헌, 이정권, 조형주, 홍천수Article