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김창수 [Kim, Chang Soo]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (예방의학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2015Effects of amyloid and vascular markers on cognitive decline in subcortical vascular dementia 김창수, 예병석, 조한나Article
2015Elevation of Serum Aminotransferase Levels and Future Risk of Death from External Causes: A Prospective Cohort Study in Korea 김창수, 김현창, 서일, 손정우, 조재림Article
2015Clinical effect of white matter network disruption related to amyloid and small vessel disease김창수, 예병석, 조한나Article
2015Changes in the Practice of Coronary Revascularization between 2006 and 2010 in the Republic of Korea 김창수, 손정우Article
2015Air pollution and unintentional injury deaths in South Korea김창수, 신동천Article
2015Ambient ozone concentration and emergency department visits for panic attacks김창수, 손정우, 신동천, 조재림Article
2014White Matter Hyperintensities are associated with Amyloid Burden in APOE4 Non-Carriers강대용, 김창수, 예병석Article
2014Effects of cerebrovascular disease and amyloid beta burden on cognition in subjects with subcortical vascular cognitive impairment김창수Article
2014Mathematical Modeling of HIV Prevention Measures Including Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis on HIV Incidence in South Korea 구남수, 김민형, 김선빈, 김창수, 송제은, 정수진, 최준용Article
2014Synergistic Effects of Ischemia and β-Amyloid Burden on Cognitive Decline in PatientsWith Subcortical Vascular Mild Cognitive Impairment김창수, 예병석Article
2014Air pollution as a risk factor for depressive episode in patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, or asthma김창수, 김현수, 손정우, 신동천, 조재림, 하경화Article
2014Shape Changes of the Basal Ganglia and Thalamus in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Three-Year Longitudinal Study김정훈, 김창수, 예병석Article
2014Endothelial dysfunction in heart failure rats exposed to real urban air pollution김진용, 김창수, 신동천Article
2014Medical Care Expenditure in Suicides From Non-illness-related Causes 김창수, 손정우, 신동천, 정상혁, 조재림Article
2014Cortical thickness and hippocampal shape in pure vascular mild cognitive impairment and dementia of subcortical type.김창수, 조재림Article
2013Alpha B-crystallin prevents the arrhythmogenic effects of particulate matter isolated from ambient air by attenuating oxidative stress김창수, 박혜림, 박희남, 송병욱, 이문형, 전현주, 정보영, 정지형, 황기철Article
2013Adiponectin and progression of arterial stiffness in hypertensive patients강석민, 김창수, 박성하, 손낙훈, 윤종찬, 이상학, 장양수, 최동훈Article
2013The Efficacy of Fimasartan for Cardiovascular Events and Metabolic Syndrome (K-MetS Study): Rationale, Design and Participant Characteristics강대용, 김창수Article
2013Medical Care Utilization During 1 Year Prior to Death in Suicides Motivated by Physical Illnesses 김창수, 손정우, 신동천, 이원준, 조재림Article
2013The effects of small vessel disease and amyloid burden on neuropsychiatric symptoms: a study among patients with subcortical vascular cognitive impairments김창수Article
2013Age and gender differences in medical care utilization prior to suicide강대용, 김창수, 서일, 신동천, 조재림Article
2013Socioeconomic Burden of Influenza in the Republic of Korea, 2007–2010 강대용, 김창수, 김형중, 남정모, 신동천, 전병율Article
2013Effects of APOE ɛ4 on brain amyloid, lacunar infarcts, and white matter lesions: a study among patients with subcortical vascular cognitive impairment강대용, 김창수Article
2013Changes in subcortical structures in early- versus late-onset Alzheimer's disease김창수Article
2013Pathogenesis of Cerebral Microbleeds: In Vivo Imaging of Amyloid and Subcortical Ischemic Small Vessel Disease in 226 Individuals with Cognitive Impairment김창수Article
2013CK2-NCoR signaling cascade promotes prostate tumorigenesis 김창수, 유정윤, 윤호근, 임범진, 전경희, 최효경, 홍순원Article
2012Study on the initial velocity distribution of exhaled air from coughing and speaking.김창수Article
2012Particulate air pollution induces arrhythmia via oxidative stress and calcium calmodulin kinase II activation김창수, 박혜림, 박희남, 신동천, 이문형, 정보영, 최은미, 황기철Article
2012델파이 조사법을 이용한 의료 자원 사용의 효율성 평가지표 개발 김창수Article
2012Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and metabolic syndrome: a nationwide survey in Korea.강영애, 김세규, 김영삼, 김창수, 박무석, 박병훈, 장준, 정지예Article
2011Ambient Particulate Matter and the Risk of Deaths from Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease. 강대용, 김창수, 김현창, 서민아, 신동천Article
2011Association between body mass index and asthma symptoms among Korean children: a nation-wide study 김경원, 김규언, 김창수, 김호현, 서민아, 손명현, 신동천, 최동필Article
2011Evaluating the PM damage cost due to urban air pollution and vehicle emissions in Seoul, Korea김창수, 신동천, 양지연, 이용진, 임영욱Article
2011Prevalence of allergic diseases among Korean school-age children: a nationwide cross-sectional questionnaire study. 김규언, 김창수, 김호현, 서민아, 손명현, 신동천Article
2011Factors associated with participation in providing buccal cell DNA for a genetic epidemiologic study강대용, 김창수, 서일, 허남욱Article
2011Therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine in Plasmodium vivax and the pvmdr1 polymorphisms in the Republic of Korea under mass chemoprophylaxis. 김준명, 김창수, 최준용Article
2011KTX 객실내 부유미생물 오염현황 조사김창수Article
2010Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality and Its Relation to Allergic Diseases among Children: A Case Study at a Primary School in Korea 김창수, 김호현, 서민아, 신동천, 임영욱Article
2010수학적 모델을 이용한 신종인플루엔자 환자 예측 및 대응 전략 평가 강대용, 김창수, 서민아, 지혜진, 허남욱Article
2010국내외 공기감염 분야 연구동향 김창수Article
2010군 성교육지도자 양성을 위한 에이즈 교육 효과김창수, 김현창, 최동필, 허남욱Article
2010Ambient particulate matter as a risk factor for suicide김창수, 김현창, 서일, 신동천, 허남욱Article
2010Evaluation of new hemagglutinin-based rapid antigen test for influenza A pandemic (H1N1) 2009김창수Article
2009Recurrence rate of vivax malaria in the Republic of Korea.김창수, 신동천Article
2009Biological resistance of hydroxychloroquine for Plasmodium vivax malaria in the Republic of Korea 김창수Article
20092006년 초등학생의 알레르기 질환 유병률의 전국적 역학조사 김경원, 김규언, 김창수, 손명현, 신동천Article
2008천식 발생률에 따른 초등학교 내 유해 환경 평가 김창수, 박중원, 신동천, 양지연, 임영욱Article
2008Effects of increasing particle size of low-density lipoprotein on restenosis after coronary stent implantation 권혁문, 김정호, 김중선, 김창수, 민필기, 윤세정, 윤영원, 이병권, 이지혁, 임세중, 홍범기Article
2008어린이 천식환자에 대한 실내외 환경 노출 특성 평가 김창수, 김호현, 박중원, 손명현, 신동천, 임영욱Article
2008Low levels of serum cholesterol and albumin and the risk of community-acquired pneumonia in young soldiers.김영삼, 김창수, 박무석Article