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김진형 [Kim, Jin Hyung]
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College of Medicine - Yonsei Biomedical Research Center
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2015Longitudinal FDG microPET imaging of neuropathic pain: does cerebellar activity correlate with neuropathic pain development in a rat model?김진형, 신재우, 오진환, 장진우, 정현호Article
2015The neuromodulation of neuropathic pain by measuring pain response rate and pain response duration in animal 김진형, 신재우, 장진우, 정현호Article
2014Enhanced infrared neural stimulation using localized surface plasmon resonance of gold nanorods.김진형, 장진우Article
2014A wireless power transmission system for implantable devices in freely moving rodents.김진형Article
2014A liquid crystal polymer-based neuromodulation system: an application on animal model of neuropathic pain김진형, 신재우, 장진우Article
2013Neuronal Responses in the Globus Pallidus during Subthalamic Nucleus Electrical Stimulation in Normal and Parkinson’s Disease Model Rats 김진형, 장진우Article
2013Ventral posterolateral deep brain stimulation treatment for neuropathic pain shortens pain response after cold stimuli김진형, 장진우, 정현호Article
2012VPL-DBS on neuropathic pain rat model is effective in mechanical allodynia than cold allodynia김진형, 장진우Article
2012A Flexible Depth Probe Using Liquid Crystal Polymer김진형, 장진우Article