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김유미 [Kim, Yoo Mee]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Internal Medicine

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2009Modifications of T-Scores by Quantitative Ultrasonography for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in Koreans 김세화, 김유미, 박소영, 이시훈, 이유미, 이정은, 이준호, 임승길, 최한석Article
2007Assessment of the anti-obesity effects of the TNP-470 analog, CKD-732 김유미, 이유미, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수Article
2005Predictive clinical parameters for therapeutic efficacy of rosiglitazone in Korean type 2 diabetes mellitus김경래, 김유미, 안철우, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수, 허갑범Article
2004Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Associated with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: Molecular Analysis of Pathogenesis in a Family and Review of the Literature 김유미, 신성재, 이시훈, 이유미, 임승길, 홍순원Article
2004Calcyclin, a Ca2+ Ion-binding Protein, Contributes to the Anabolic Effects of Simvastatin on Bone 김명희, 김유미, 이유미, 임승길Article
2004가족성 대장 용종증에 동반된 갑상선 유두암 1예김소헌, 김유미, 김태일, 신성재, 심완섭, 이시훈, 이유미, 이현주, 이현철, 임승길, 차봉수Article