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Kim, Hee Jin [김희진]
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College of Dentistry (치과대학) - Dept. of Oral Biology (구강생물학교실)
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2012Sihler-stain study of buccal nerve distribution and its clinical implicationsORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY
2012Intramuscular nerve distribution pattern of the adductor longus and gracilis muscles demonstrated with Sihler staining: guidance for botulinum toxin injection.MUSCLE & NERVE
2012Reliability of two different presurgical preparation methods for implant dentistry based on panoramic radiography and cone-beam computed tomography in cadavers JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2012Surface characteristics of a novel hydroxyapatite-coated dental implant JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2012Topography of the submental artery that should be considered in bleeding during dentoalveolar surgeryJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2012Microanatomy of the infraorbital canal and its connecting canals in the maxilla using 3-D reconstruction of microcomputed tomographic imagesJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2012Maxillary anterior segmental distraction osteogenesis with 2 different types of distractorsJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2012Morphology of the zygomaticus minor and its relationship with the orbicularis oculi muscleJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2012Medial muscular band of the orbicularis oculi muscleJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2012Topographic anatomy of the masseter muscle focusing on the tendinous digitation.CLINICAL ANATOMY
2012Anatomical verification and designation of the superficial layer of the temporalis muscle.CLINICAL ANATOMY
2012Topography of the arteries supplying the masseter muscle: Using dissection and Sihler's method.CLINICAL ANATOMY
2012Ultrasound-guided lateral approach for needle insertion into the subscapularis for treatment of spasticityARCHIVES OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION
2011An anatomic study of the quadratus plantae in relation to tendinous slips of the flexor hallucis longus for gait analysisCLINICAL ANATOMY
2011Analysis of the Intramuscular Innervation of the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle JOURNAL OF HARD TISSUE BIOLOGY
2011A piezoelectric motor-based microactuator-generated distractor for continuous jaw bone distractionJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Clinical and anatomical approach using Sihler's staining technique (whole mount nerve stain). Anatomy and Cell Biology
2011Morphometric analysis of the anterior region of the maxillary bone for immediate implant placement using micro-CTCLINICAL ANATOMY
2011Alveolar regions of the mandible for the installation of immediate-implant fixtures and bone screws of alveolar distractors.JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Morphometric analysis of the Korean mandibular ramus for distraction osteogenesis using micro-computed tomographyJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011New anatomical profile of the nasal musculature: dilator naris vestibularis, dilator naris anterior, and alar part of the nasalis.CLINICAL ANATOMY
2011Malaris muscle, the lateral muscular band of orbicularis oculi muscleJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Inferior bundle (fourth band) of the buccinator and the incisivus labii inferioris muscleJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011The trend of body donation for education based on Korean social and religious culture.ANATOMICAL SCIENCES EDUCATION
2011Variations in the trabecular bone ratio of the maxilla according to sex, age, and region using micro-computed tomography in KoreansJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Development of distraction osteogenesis model of the inferior mandibular border and alveolar boneJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Interactions between Shh, Sostdc1 and Wnt signaling and a new feedback loop for spatial patterning of the teeth DEVELOPMENT
2010한국인 머리뼈모형 제작 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology
2010엄지손가락과 첫째손샅의 등쪽 동맥분포 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology
2010New anatomical insight of the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi and the transverse part of the nasalisSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2010Topography of the masseter muscle in relation to treatment with botulinum toxin type AORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY AND ENDODONTICS
2010Topography of the third portion of the maxillary artery via the transantral approach in AsiansJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Extra- and intramuscular nerve distribution patterns of the muscles of the ventral compartment of the forearmAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION
2010Trabecular bone ratio of mandible using micro-computed tomography in KoreanJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Intramuscular communicating branches in the flexor digitorum profundus: dissection and Sihler's stainingSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2010Intramuscular nerve distribution of the masseter muscle as a basis for botulinum toxin injectionJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010New anatomic considerations on the levator labii superioris related with the nasal alaJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Innervation patterns of the canine masticatory muscles in comparison to human ANATOMICAL RECORD-ADVANCES IN INTEGRATIVE ANATOMY AND EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY
2009Topographic anatomy of the zygomatic arch and temporal fossa: a cadaveric studyJOURNAL OF PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY
2009The buccofacial wall of maxillary sinus: an anatomical consideration for sinus augmentationCLINICAL IMPLANT DENTISTRY AND RELATED RESEARCH
2009Extra- and intramuscular nerves distributions of the triceps surae muscle as a basis for muscle resection and botulinum toxin injectionsSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2009Course and distribution of the lingual nerve in the ventral tongue region: anatomical considerations for frenectomy.JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2009Location of the mandibular canal and the topography of its neurovascular structuresJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2009Female-to-male proportions of the head and face in KoreansJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2009Clinical implications of the topography and distribution of the posterior superior alveolar arteryJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2009Microanatomy of the incisive canal using three-dimensional reconstruction of microCT images: an ex vivo studyORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY AND ENDODONTICS
2009Surface anatomy of the lip elevator muscles for the treatment of gummy smile using botulinum toxinANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2009Relationships between dental roots and surrounding tissues for orthodontic miniscrew installationANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2008Myofiber properties of mouse mylohyoid muscle in the growth period.ZOOLOGICAL SCIENCE
2008Morphologic characteristics of palatopharyngeal muscle.DYSPHAGIA