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김용남 [Kim, Yong Nam]
Department :
College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Radiation Oncology (방사선종양학교실)

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2009Superficial Dosimetry for Helical Tomotherapy 금기창, 김용남, 성진실, 이창걸, 조재호Article
2009신경회로망을 이용한 4차원 방사선치료에서의 조사 표적 움직임 예측 김용남, 성진실, 이익재, 이창걸, 정경근, 정윤선, 최원훈Article
2008A Novel Method of 3-Dimensional Radiotherapy for Head-and-Neck Cancer Treatment김용남, 성진실, 이창걸, 정경근Article
2008A Study on Optimization of Photoneutron Shielding in a Medical Accelerator Room by Using Monte Carlo Simulation김용남, 성진실, 이창걸, 정경근Article