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김억천 [Kim, Eok Cheon]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Physiology

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2012Increase of L-type Ca2+ current by protease-activated receptor 2 activation contributes to augmentation of spontaneous uterine contractility in pregnant rats김억천, 김영환, 안덕선, 이영호, 정승수Article
2012The role of sphingosine kinase 1/sphingosine-1-phosphate pathway in the myogenic tone of posterior cerebral arteries 김억천, 안덕선, 연수인, 이영호, 임미화, 조영은, 최수경Article
2012Epithelial Na+ channel proteins are mechanotransducers of myogenic constriction in rat posterior cerebral arteries. 김억천, 안덕선, 연수인, 이영호, 임미화Article