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Kim, Eosu [김어수]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Psychiatry (정신과학교실)
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2012뇌척수액과 말초혈액 내 알츠하이머병의 생화학적 생체표지자Journal of Korean Geriatric Psychiatry (노인정신의학)
2012혈관성 치매Journal of Korean Geriatric Psychiatry (노인정신의학)
2012조현병에서 긍정 정서가 인지적 갈등 해결에 미치는 영향과 사회적 무쾌감증과의 관계 Korean Journal of Schizophrenia Research (대한조현병학회지)
2012AMPK γ2 subunit gene PRKAG2 polymorphism associated with cognitive impairment as well as diabetes in old agePSYCHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY
2011Screening and Treating Wernicke's Encephalopathy among Alcoholic Patients in a University HospitalJournal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학)
2011Emotional priming with facial exposures in euthymic patients with bipolar disorderJOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE
2011Leukocyte mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) content is associated with depression in old womenARCHIVES OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS
2010Deficits in eye gaze during negative social interactions in patients with schizophreniaJOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE
2010Restoration of mammillothalamic functional connectivity through thiamine replacement therapy in Wernicke's encephalopathyNEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
2009Reduced activation in the mirror neuron system during a virtual social cognition task in euthymic bipolar disorderPROGRESS IN NEURO-PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY & BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY
2009Mammillothalamic functional connectivity and memory function in Wernicke's encephalopathy BRAIN
2009Nonverbal social behaviors of patients with bipolar mania during interactions with virtual humans.JOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE
2008Interactive effect of central obesity and hypertension on cognitive function in older out-patients with Type 2 diabetesDIABETIC MEDICINE
2008A preliminary investigation of alpha-lipoic acid treatment of antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain in patients with schizophreniaJOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY
2006몰입적 가상 환경에서 니코틴이 정신분열병 환자의 대인거리에 미치는 영향:예비연구 Korean Journal of Psychopharmacology (대한정신약물학회지)