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김수 [Kim, Sue]
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College of Nursing - Dept. of Nursing
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2011어머니 역할 실습교육이 어머니됨에 미치는 효과 김수Article
2011코칭 출산교육 프로그램이 초임부의 불안과 출산 자기효능감에 미치는 효과 김수Article
2011The effect of a sexual life reframing program on marital intimacy, body image, and sexual function among breast cancer survivors김수, 오가실, 장순복Article
2011기혼여성의 유방암과 사회연결망 특성에 따른 유방촬영술 수검행위 김광숙, 김수, 장순복Article
2011A sexual health care attitude scale for nurses: development and psychometric evaluation김수Article
2011Experience and Perception of Sexual Harassment During the Clinical Practice of Korean Nursing Students김수Article
2011항암화학요법을 받는 환자의 구강관리 프로토콜개발 및 적용효과 김수, 최혜진Article
2011Predictors of maternal identity of Korean primiparas 김수Article
2010불임 여성의 불확실성 측정도구 개발 김수Article
2010Family planning practice and related factors of married women in Ethiopia.고일선, 김수, 김의숙, 유미애, 이태화, 이현경Article
2010암 환자를 돌보는 간호사의 성건강 간호수행 측정도구개발 김수Article
2010Middle-aged women's awareness of cholesterol as a risk factor: results from a national survey of Korean Middle-aged Women's Health Awareness (KomWHA) study.김수, 김희순, 오의금, 유지수, 장양수, 추상희Article
2010Integrating evidence-based practice into RN-to-BSN clinical nursing education김선아, 김소선, 김수, 김희순, 오의금, 유미애, 유지수, 이주희, 이혜정, 조은영Article
2010국제결혼이주여성의 자녀양육행위와 양육효능감 김수Article
2010Empirical test of an explanatory theory of postpartum fatigue in Korea김수, 남정모Article
2009Nurses' perceptions of informed consent and their related roles in Korea: an exploratory study김수, 김인숙, 이원희Article
2009쑥좌훈이 월경불편감, 월경통강도, Prostaglandin F2α에 미치는 효과 김수, 유지수, 장순복Article
2009Educational strategies to improve EBP competency among RN-to-BSN students김수, 오의금Article
2008Probing the issue of informed consent in health care in Korea-concept analysis and guideline development김수, 김인숙, 이원희Article
2008Does culture frame adjustment to the sick role?김수Article
2008산후 조리원 이용여부에 따른 산모의 양육스트레스, 산후우울, 산후피로 차이 김수, 송주은, 장순복Article
2008Changing healthcare issues and context for elderly women in Asia: Implications for a research agenda for nursing김수, 이태화Article
2007암환자의 삶의 질과 성김수Article
2007Effects of acupressure on dysmenorrhea and skin temperature changes in college students: A non-randomized controlled trial김수, 장순복Article
2007Interpersonal Caring: A Theory for Improved Self-Esteem in Patients with Long-Term Serious Mental Illness – I김수Article
2007Interpersonal caring theory: An empirical test of its effectiveness utilizing growth curve analysis - II김수Article
2007지시적 심상 요법이 남자 고등학생의 스트레스, 스트레스 대처 및 건강문제에 미치는 영향 김선아, 김수, 김희순, 오가실, 유일영, 장순복, 최은경Article
2007중년 여성의 보건소 건강증진 프로그램 이용 실태 및 요구도 김수, 김희순, 배선형, 오의금, 유지수, 추상희Article
2007의료현장에서의 설명동의에 대한 윤리적 고찰 김수, 김인숙, 이원희Article
2006달래기 젖꼭지의 제공이 위관수유 중인 미숙아의 생리적 상태 및 행동적 상태에 미치는 영향 김수, 김희순, 유일영Article
2005Characteristics of the grieving process: a pilot study of 10 Korean spouses of patients who passed away from cancer김수, 이원희Article
2005Using Community-Partnered Participatory Research to Address Health Disparities in a Latino Community김수Article
2004The Impact of Lay Health Advisors on Cardiovascular Health Promotion: Using a Community-based Participatory Approach김수Article
2003Nurse Visitation for Adolescent Mothers: Two-Year Infant Health and Maternal Outcomes김수Article
2002Health Disparities among vulnerable populations: Evolution of knowledge over five decades in Nursing Research Publications김수Article
2002Public health nursing care for adolescent mothers: Impact on infant health and selected maternal outcomes at 1 year postbirth김수Article
2002Comparison of the Menopause and Midlife Transition between Japanese American and European American Women김수Article
2001Quality of life for patients with diabetes in Korea-I: The meaning of health-related quality of life김수Article