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김세주 [Kim, Se Joo]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Psychiatry (정신과학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2013Reevaluation of Patients With Bipolar Disorder on Manic Episode : Improving the Diagnosing of Mixed Episode김경란, 김세주, 석정호, 이은, 조현상Article
2013한글판 차원적 강박척도의 표준화 연구 강지인, 김세주, 김혜원Article
2013Genetic Influence of COMT and BDNF Gene Polymorphisms on Resilience in Healthy College Students강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 송윤영, 안석균Article
2013Temperament and character in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis and with first-episode schizophrenia: Associations with psychopathology, psychosocial functioning, and aspects of psychological health강지인, 김세주, 송윤영, 안석균, 이은Article
2013Prevalence of bipolar spectrum disorder in Korean college students according to the K-MDQ 김세주, 석정호Article
2013자살 시도자들에 대한 응급 중재 후 정신과 치료 연계와 관련된 요인강지인, 김경란, 김세주, 석정호, 이은, 조현상, 최원정Article
2012Psychometric analysis of the Korean version of the Disgust Scale-Revised.강지인, 김세주, 안석균, 이수영, 이은, 정경운Article
2012Alpha amplitude and phase locking in obsessive-compulsive disorder during working memory김세주, 김재진, 남궁기, 박진영, 박해정Article
2012FKBP5 polymorphisms as vulnerability to anxiety and depression in patients with advanced gastric cancer: a controlled and prospective study강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 안석균, 정현철, 정희철Article
2012우울증 화자 음성의 음향음성학적 특성 김세주Article
2012Body image, sexual function and depression in Korean patients with breast cancer: modification by 5-HTT polymorphism김경란, 김세주, 남궁기, 이은, 정현철Article
2012Abnormalities of emotional awareness and perception in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 정경운Article
2012Association of the Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene and Clinical Features of Bipolar Disorder in Korea. 김세주, 석정호, 이은, 조현상Article
2011Impact of depression on work productivity and its improvement after outpatient treatment with antidepressants김세주Article
2011정신과 질환에서의 광범위 유전체 연합연구김세주Article
2011The effects of serotonin transporter promoter and monoamine oxidase A gene polymorphisms on trait emotional intelligence강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 송동호Article
2011수학 문제가 떠올라 머리가 아프고 힘이 빠지는 고등학생김세주, 오주영Article
2011Prestimulus top-down reflection of obsessive-compulsive disorder in EEG frontal theta and occipital alpha oscillations.김세주, 박진영, 박해정Article
2010Association of DRD4 and COMT polymorphisms with disgust sensitivity in healthy volunteers강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 안석균Article
2010MRP1 polymorphisms associated with citalopram response in patients with major depression김세주, 김소원, 이민구, 이성희, 이재면, 이지현Article
2010양극성 장애에서 Longitudinal Interval Follow-up Evaluation-Range of Impaired Functioning Tool(LIFE-RIFT)의 신뢰도 및 타당도김경란, 김세주, 유빈, 이은, 조현상Article
2010Proxy and patients ratings on quality of life in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in Korea김세주, 김은주, 석정호, 송동호, 이은, 조현상Article
2010Perception bias of disgust in ambiguous facial expressions in obsessive-compulsive disorder김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기, 안석균, 정경운, 하라연Article
2010Initial depressive episodes affect the risk of suicide attempts in Korean patients with bipolar disorder 김세주, 김은주, 석정호, 유빈, 이은, 조현상Article
2010Interaction effects between COMT and BDNF polymorphisms on boredom susceptibility of sensation seeking traits.김세주, 남궁기, 송동호Article
2010Serotonin transporter gene polymorphism associated with short-term treatment response to venlafaxine 김세주, 석정호, 이성희, 이은, 이홍식Article
2010Influence of BDNF and COMT polymorphisms on emotional decision making강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 정경운, 하라연Article
2010양극성장애와 Catechol O-Methyltransferase 및 Monoamine Oxidase A 유전자 다형성의 연관성김세주, 김승준, 석정호, 송동호, 이은, 조현상Article
2009트립토판 가수분해 효소 및 세로토닌-2A 수용체 유전자 다형성과 정서기질의 관련성강지인, 김세주, 남궁기Article
2009Interaction between serotonin transporter promoter and dopamine receptor D4 polymorphisms on decision making강지인, 김세주, 남궁기Article
2009Association of a 5-HT1Dbeta receptor gene polymorphism with obsessive-compulsive disorder in Korean male subjects.강지인, 김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기Article
2009Temperament and character in subjects with obsessive-compulsive disorder강지인, 김세주, 김찬형Article
2009A randomized controlled study of sequentially applied repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in obsessive-compulsive disorder.강지인, 김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기Article
2009강박장애의 임상적 특징과 충동성의 관련성김세주, 김찬형Article
2008Different hemispheric specializations for pitch and audioverbal working memory강지인, 김세주, 박해정, 이종두Article
2008Catechol-O-methyltransferase Val158Met polymorphism in relation to aggressive schizophrenia in a Korean population김세주, 민성길Article
2008Standardization of the Korean version of Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer (K-Mini-MAC) scale: factor structure, reliability and validity강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 안중배, 정현철, 정희철, 최혜진Article
2008한국판 대칭 및 정리정돈 성향 척도(K-SOAQ)의 표준화 연구김세주, 김찬형Article
2008한국인 강박장애와 단가아민 산화효소 A 유전자 다형성과의 관련성 김세주, 김찬형Article
2008The association of 5-HTTLPR and DRD4 VNTR polymorphisms with affective temperamental traits in healthy volunteers김세주, 남궁기Article
2008Association of DRD4 and COMT polymorphisms with anger and forgiveness traits in healthy volunteers김세주, 남궁기Article
2008Reliability and validity of the Korean version of Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory-Revised in a non-clinical sample. 김세주, 김찬형, 전우택Article
2008The relationship between online game addiction and aggression, self-control and narcissistic personality traits김세주, 김은주, 남궁기Article
2007첫 입원 양극성장애에서 정신병적 증상의 유무에 따른 임상 특성김세주, 조현상Article
2007양극성 장애 환자의 의학적 공존질환: 후향적 챠트 조사김세주, 조현상Article
20074개 병원에서 양극성 장애 입원 환자의 최근 5년간 약물 처방 경향김세주, 석정호, 이은, 조현상Article
2007한국형 강박장애 치료 알고리듬 2007(Ⅱ) : 초기 치료와 치료 저항성 강박장애김세주, 김찬형Article
2007한국형 강박장애 약물치료 알고리듬 2007(Ⅰ) : 개발과정과 개요김세주, 김찬형Article
2007한국형 강박장애 치료 알고리듬 2007 (IV) : 공존질환이 동반된 경우김세주, 김찬형Article
2007양극성 장애 환자의 첫 삽화에 따른 임상적 특징김세주, 조현상Article