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김동현 [Kim, Dong Hyun]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Dermatology

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2013The Antioxidative Effect of Heat-Shock Protein 70 in Dendritic Cells김도영, 김동현, 김태균, 노효진, 이민걸, 제정환article
2013A Genome-Wide Association Study in Koreans Identifies Susceptibility Loci for Allergic Nickel Dermatitis김대석, 김동현, 이민걸article
2012Different characteristics of reactive oxygen species production by human keratinocyte cell line cells in response to allergens and irritants.김동현, 이민걸article
2009Painful red plaques at injection sites김동현, 정기양, 정혜진article
2008Mitochondrial ATP synthase is a target for TNBS-induced protein carbonylation in XS-106 dendritic cells김동현, 김수찬, 이민걸, 이주희, 조영훈article
2007편측성 선상 한관종 1예김동현, 이민걸article
2007Cracks on the tip: an unusual complication using the fractional photothermolysis system김동현, 이민걸article
2007파종성 표피융해성 극세포종 1예김동현, 이민걸article