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Kim, Keung Nyun [김긍년]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurosurgery (신경외과학교실)
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2010The electron beam deposition of titanium on polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and the resulting enhanced biological properties.BIOMATERIALS
2009Role of the oxygen-dependent degradation domain in a hypoxia-inducible gene expression system in vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapySPINE
2009Changes in cervical range of motion and sagittal alignment in early and late phases after total disc replacement: radiographic follow-up exceeding 2 years.JOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY-SPINE
2009Artificial disc replacement combined with fusion versus two-level fusion in cervical two-level disc diseaseSPINE
2009Clinical and Radiological Outcome of an Interspinous Dynamic Stabilization System in Degenerative Lumbar Disease:24 Cases with Over 24 Months of Follow-up Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2009척주와 흉곽을 침범한 악성 종양에 대한 흉곽절제술과 일괄 척추체 절제술 Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2009Radiologically documented adjacent-segment degeneration after cervical arthroplasty: characteristics and review of casesSURGICAL NEUROLOGY
2009여성에서의 요통 감별진단 Journal of the Korean Pain Research Society (통증)
2008Cervical artificial disc replacement - Part 1: History, design, and overview of the cervical artificial discNEUROSURGERY QUARTERLY
2008Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement: Part 2: Clinical Experience With the Cervical Artificial DiscNEUROSURGERY QUARTERLY
2008Surgical management of spinal cord haemangioblastoma.ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2008척추 후만성형술에서 Polymethylmethacrylate와 Calcium Phosphate 골양시멘트질 주입에 대한 임상적인 평가 Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2008Interspinous Implantation for Degenerative Lumbar Spine: Clinical and Radiological Outcome at 3-yr Follow up Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2008The efficacy of microendoscopic discectomy in reducing iatrogenic muscle injuryJOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY-SPINE
2008Progressive collapse of PMMA-augmented vertebra: A report of three casesZENTRALBLATT FUR NEUROCHIRURGIE
2007Spinal Cord Tumors of the Thoracolumbar Junction Requiring Surgery: A Retrospective Review of Clinical Features and Surgical Outcome YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2007Early Clinical Experience with the Mobi-C Disc Prosthesis YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2007Early Results from Posterior Cervical Fusion with a Screw-Rod System YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2007Modified techniques to prevent sagittal imbalance after cervical arthroplastySPINE
2007Thoracolumbar Junction Disc Herniations: Clinical Features and Surgical Approaches Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2007Clinical and Kinematic Analysis in Patients with Cervical Disc Herniation at the C3-4 Single Level Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2007Surgical management of paraspinal tumors Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2007Outcome of surgery for a symptomatic herniated thoracic disc in relation to preoperative characteristics of the discACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2007Cervical arthroplasty in a patient with Klippel-Feil syndromeACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2006A thoracic myelomeningocele in a patient with spondylocostal dysostosisJOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY
2006Total Body Replacement with an Expandable Cage after en Bloc Lumbar Spondylectomy Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2006Posterior lumbar interbody fusion via a unilateral approach YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2006Clinical and radiological results following cervical arthroplastyACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2006Postoperative Spinal Epidural Hematoma: Risk Factor and Clinical Outcome YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2006척추성형술 후 발생한 자발성 방출성 압박골절 Journal of Korean Neurotraumatology Society (대한신경손상학회지)
2006Effect of human mesenchymal stem cell transplantation combined with growth factor infusion in the repair of injured spinal cord.Acta Neurochirurgica Supplements
2005Real-time CT fluoroscopy (CTF)-guided vertebroplasty in osteoporotic spine fractures YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2005척추 수술 후 발생한 척추 경막외 혈종 Journal of Korean Neurotraumatology Society (대한신경손상학회지)
2005후측방 접근법을 이용한 흉요추부 척추체 성형술 Journal of Korean Neurotraumatology Society (대한신경손상학회지)
2005Functional recovery after human umbilical cord blood cells transplantation with brain-derived neutrophic factor into the spinal cord injured ratACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2005Surgical management of spinal disease in renal recipientsCLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION
2005A Case of Thoracic Vertebral Chondroblastoma, Treated with 3-D Image Guided Resection and Reconstruction Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2004급성 척수손상 환자의 치료 : 최근의 세포치료 연구 결과를 중심으로 Korean Journal of Spine (대한척추신경외과학회지)
2004척수손상백서에서 인간 제대혈 세포이식에 의한 신경기능의 회복 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2003Posterior atlantoaxial dislocation without fractureJOURNAL OF NEUROSURGERY-SPINE
2003Intermediate filament nestin expressions in human cord blood monocytes (HCMNCs)ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2002연골 발육 부전증에 의한 척추관 협착증의 수술적 치료 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
2000다발성 요추간반 탈출증에서 추간반조영술의 진단적 의의 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
1999조직학적으로 확인된 Carbon Cages내의 골형성 - 증례보고 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)
1999스포츠 두부 손상대한스포츠의학회지
1999SPAMM-MRI를 이용한 척수공동증의 예후 평가 Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society (대한신경외과학회지)