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고형준 [Koh, Hyoung Jun]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Ophthalmology
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2007Prophylactic intraoperative 360° laser retinopexy for prevention of retinal detachment고형준Article
2007Ab externo direct suture technique for dislocated intraocular lens고형준, 김찬윤, 정은지Article
2007Photodynamic Therapy for Subretinal New Vessels 고형준, 이성철Article
2007Surgical removal of the internal limiting membrane in progressive macular change in x-linked juvenile retinoschisis고형준, 권오웅, 변석호, 이성철Article
2007나이관련황반변성에서 발생한 맥락막신생혈관 환자에서 반복 시행한 광역학치료의 효과 고형준, 권오웅, 변석호, 이성철Article
2006당뇨황반부종의 치료에서 유리체 절제술의 효과와 유리체강내 트리암시놀론 주입술과의 비교 고형준, 권오웅, 이성철Article
2006연령연관황반변성에서 망막혈관종성증식과 동반된 망막색소상피박리의 임상양상과 일차적인 광역학치료의 결과 고형준, 권오웅, 김성수, 변석호, 이성철Article
2006Problems associated with the 25-gauge transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomy system during and after surgery고형준, 권오웅, 김성수, 변석호, 이성철Article
2006Indocyanine Green Angiographic Features of Myopic Subfoveal Choroidal Neovascularization as a Prognostic Factor after Photodynamic Therapy 고형준, 권오웅, 김성수, 변석호, 이성철Article
2006Intravitreal toxicity of the kenalog vehicle (benzyl alcohol) in rabbits고형준Article
2006A technique for removal of a live nematode from the vitreous고형준, 이성철Article
2006A Novel Mutation in the XLRS1 Gene in a Korean Family with X-linked Retinoschisis 고형준, 권오웅, 김성수, 이성철Article
2005Intraocular Properties of Hexadecyloxypropyl-Cyclic-Cidofovir in Guinea Pigs고형준Article
2005Role of 14-3-3η as a Positive Regulator of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Transcriptional Activation고형준, 권오웅, 이성철, 이준행Article
2005Effect of Subthreshold Infrared Laser Treatment For Drusen Regression On Macular Autofluorescence In Patients WithAge-Related Macular Degeration고형준Article
2005병적 근시와 동반된 맥락막 신생혈관에서 광역학 치료의 임상 적용 고형준, 권오웅, 오현섭, 이성철Article
2004Zn2+ -induced cell death is mediated by the induction of intracellular ROS in ARPE-19 cells고형준, 권오웅, 김성수, 김응권, 이성철, 이준행Article
2004Photodynamic Therapy with Verteporfin for Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy of the Macula고형준, 권오웅, 김성수, 이성철Article
2002Descemet's membrane detachment associated with inadvertent viscoelastic injection in viscocanalostomy 고형준, 김응권, 김찬윤, 성공제Article
2002Visual field defect caused by nerve fiber layer damage associated with an internal limiting lamina defect after uneventful epiretinal membrane surgerymembrane surgery고형준, 김찬윤Article
2002The Effect of Photodynamic Therapy with Rose Bengal on Posterior Capsule Opacification in Rabbit Eyes고형준Article
2002Iris synechia after laser goniopuncture in a patient having deep sclerectomy with a collagen implant고형준, 김찬윤, 성공제Article
2002Laser Photocoagulation Repair of Recurrent Macula-Sparing Retinal Detachments 고형준Article
2002Enhanced expression of transglutaminase 2 in anterior polar cataracts and its induction by TGF-B in vitro 고형준, 김응권, 김찬윤, 이종복Article
2001Translimbal approach for intravitreal injection in endophthalmitis after phacoemulsification고형준Article
2001TGF-βs Synthesized by RPE Cells Have Autocrine Activity on Mesenchymal Transformation and Cell Proliferation 고형준Article