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강혜영 [Kang, Hye Young]
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College of Medicine - Yonsei Biomedical Research Center
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2016Low Dentin Matrix Protein 1 Is Associated With Incident Cardiovascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients강신욱, 강혜영, 권영은, 기연경, 김현창, 김형래, 남보영, 박서현, 박성하, 박정탁, 서창환, 유태현, 윤창연, 윤해룡, 이미솔, 임승길, 정수영, 지종현, 차민욱, 한승혁Article
2015Double transduction of a Cre/LoxP lentiviral vector: a simple method to generate kidney cell-specific knockdown mice강신욱, 강혜영, 김성훈, 남보영, 박정탁, 박지민, 엄재은, 오형중, 유태현, 팽지선, 한승혁Article
2015Podocyte hypertrophy precedes apoptosis under experimental diabetic conditions강신욱, 강혜영, 김성훈, 김찬호, 문성진, 박정탁, 오형중, 유태현, 이미정, 이순하, 팽지선, 한승혁Article
2014Up-regulation of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 9 expression and FGF-WNT/β-catenin signaling in laser-induced wound healing강신욱, 강혜영, 정진룡, 조성빈Article
2014Enhanced glycogen synthase kinase-3β activity mediates podocyte apoptosis under diabetic conditions강신욱, 강혜영, 김성훈, 남보영, 박정탁, 오형중, 유태현, 이순하, 장제현, 팽지선, 한승혁Article
2014The effect of statin on epithelial-mesenchymal transition in peritoneal mesothelial cells. 강신욱, 강혜영, 김경식, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이순하, 장태익, 팽지선, 한승혁Article
2012Apoptosis occurs differentially according to glomerular size in diabetic kidney disease강신욱, 강혜영, 곽승재, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이순하, 장태익, 정동섭, 한승혁Article
2012Gamma linolenic acid exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects in diabetic nephropathy 강신욱, 강혜영, 곽승재, 김도희, 김좌경, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이순하, 한승혁Article
2012The MCP-1/CCR2 axis in podocytes is involved in apoptosis induced by diabetic conditions강신욱, 강혜영, 곽승재, 김승혜, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이순하, 팽지선, 한승혁Article
2012The monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1)/CCR2 system is involved in peritoneal dialysis-related epithelial-mesenchymal transition of peritoneal mesothelial cells.강신욱, 강혜영, 김경식, 김성훈, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이금희, 이순하, 팽지선, 한승혁Article
2012Translationally controlled tumour protein is associated with podocyte hypertrophy in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes.강신욱, 강혜영, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이순하, 한대석, 한승혁Article
2011Local kallikrein-kinin system is involved in podocyte apoptosis under diabetic conditions강신욱, 강혜영, 곽승재, 김도희, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 장태익, 정동섭, 팽지선, 한대석, 한승혁Article