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김태균 [Kim, Tae Kyun]
Department :
College of Medicine : Dept. of Environmental Medical Biology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2015Red blood cell distribution width as a useful indicator to predict systemic vasculitis in patients with cutaneous vasculitis김대석, 김도영, 김성희, 김태균, 이민걸
2015Red blood cell distribution width is increased in patients with psoriasis vulgaris: A retrospective study on 261 patients김대석, 김도영, 김성희, 김태균, 이민걸
2015Modulation of dendritic cell function by Trichomonas vaginalis-derived secretory products 김태균, 김형표, 남영희, 송민지, 신명헌, 이종주, 정연욱
2015Programmed death-ligand 1, 2 expressions are decreased in the psoriatic epidermis김대석, 김도영, 김태균, 이민걸
2015CCCTC-binding factor controls the homeostatic maintenance and migration of Langerhans cells김태균, 김형표, 박채규, 송민지, 이민걸, 이종주, 정연욱
2014The pathophysiological role of dendritic cell subsets in psoriasis 김대석, 김태균, 김형표, 이민걸
2014Dermal Clusters of Mature Dendritic Cells and T Cells Are Associated with the CCL20/CCR6 Chemokine System in Chronic Psoriasis김대석, 김도영, 김태균, 양우익, 유대현, 이민걸
2014Skin-penetrating methotrexate alleviates imiquimod-induced psoriasiform dermatitis via decreasing IL-17-producing gamma delta T cells김대석, 김도영, 김성희, 김태균, 양상화, 이민걸
2013The Antioxidative Effect of Heat-Shock Protein 70 in Dendritic Cells김도영, 김동현, 김태균, 노효진, 이민걸, 제정환
2013Eruptive Penile Syringomas Spreading to the Pubic Area and Lower Abdomen 김태균, 백진옥, 이민걸
2013A comparison of inflammatory mediator expression between palmoplantar pustulosis and pompholyx김도영, 김태균, 손효정, 오상호, 임범진
2013Acquired bilateral nevoid telangiectasia: report of 9 cases김대석, 김도영, 김태균, 이민걸
2011Statins inhibit chemotactic interaction between CCL20 and CCR6 in vitro: possible relevance to psoriasis treatment김태균, 이민걸