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송미현 [Song, Mee Hyun]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2011Pou3f4 deficiency causes defects in otic fibrocytes and stria vascularis by different mechanisms복진웅, 송미현, 심대보, 오령, 최재영Article
2010Clinical evaluation of DFN3 patients with deletions in the POU3F4 locus and detection of carrier female using MLPA.복진웅, 송미현, 최재영Article
2008Clinical significance of quantitative analysis of facial nerve enhancement on MRI in Bell's palsy김진아, 송미현, 유은혜, 이원상, 이호기Article
2008Jugular foramen schwannoma: analysis on its origin and location.송미현, 이원상, 이종대, 이혜연, 이호기Article
2007BAHA(Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) 시술 경험 송미현, 이원상, 이호기Article
2007Management of Facial Nerve Schwannoma in Patients With Favorable Facial Function송미현, 이원상, 이종대, 이호기Article