Master's Degree (석사)

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2018Mock community generation for quality control of Illumina MiSeq : prove the effect of each bacterial proportion and characterizing the factor affecting on the microbiome analysis황연지
2018지역 간 질병의 발생률 비교를 위한 분석방법 평가 홍종수
2018Endoscopic evaluation for radiation proctitis in the patients with postoperative radiotherapy for rectal cancer 한희지
2018An analysis of movement patterns during reach and grasp in stroke patients : a kinematic approach최효선
2018Preconditioning of SIRT1 activator improves chondrogenic differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cell 최성미
2018A hierarchical prognostic model for risk stratification in patients with early breast cancer according to 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake and clinicopathological parameters 차종태
2018Prognostic significance of mean platelet volume to platelet count ratio in community-acquired pneumonia 주영선
2018질병의 지리적 분포 파악을 위한 공간 통계 기법의 비교 조하나
2017Cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein 2 promotes the epithelial-mesenchymal transition in triple-negative breast cancer cells through activation of the AKT signaling pathway 조수지
2018Role of ZMYND10 in the cytoplasmic preassembly of dynein arms in multiciliated cells 조경지
2018Analysis of treatment outcomes according to treatment modalities for patients with stage IB-IIA cervical cancer 정승연
2018Rescue stenting for recanalization of intracranial atherosclerotic disease : the preliminary experience with enterprise stent 정우상
2018신종감염병 대응의 위기 커뮤니케이션 고찰 : WHO 합동외부평가(JEE)에 따른 국가별 평가를 중심으로장유미
2018Stromal lactic acid transporter : MCT4 expression as an indicator of prognosis in papillary thyroid cancer 임승혁
2018Analysis of clinical predictive factors affecting the outcome of 2nd line chemotherapy for the patient of advanced pancreatic cancer 이정은
2018Identification of the dendritic cell subset critical for the type 2 immune response in murine contact hypersensitivity model 이재원
2018Selective use of prophylactic drainage after gastrectomy 이장희
2018돌발성 난청환자에서 고압산소 병합치료의 효과 판정 이영섭
2018Adverse oncologic impact of new-onset diabetes mellitus on recurrence in resected pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma : a comparison with long standing diabetic and non-diabetic patients 이승호
20183온스 물 삼킴검사 이후 정상 노년층의 음질 변화 : 음향학적 분석 이솔희