Dept. of Prosthodontics (보철과학교실)

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2015Co-delivery of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF-BB) and bone morphogenic protein (BMP-2) coated onto heparinized titanium for improving osteoblast function and osteointegration심준성
2017Recording the trajectory of mouth opening and closing for the fabrication of an occlusal splint김종은, 김지환, 심준성
2017Effect of polishing method on surface roughness and bacterial adhesion of zirconia-porcelain veneer박영범, 유윤정
2017Effects of Alendronate on Bone Remodeling Around Osseointegrated Implants in Rats문홍석, 박영범, 오경철, 이재훈
2017Computer-guided implant planning using a preexisting removable partial dental prosthesis심준성
2017Fabrication of a complete, removable dental prosthesis from a digital intraoral impression for a patient with an excessively tight reconstructed lip after oral cancer treatment: A clinical report심준성
2017Digital workflow for a dental prosthesis that considers lateral mandibular relation심준성
2017Control of dental-derived induced pluripotent stem cells through modified surfaces for dental application박용범
2017The Effect of a CAD/CAM-Guided Template on Formation of the Screw-Access Channel for Fixed Prostheses Supported by Lingually Placed Implants이근우
2017좁은 치조제를 가진 하악 구치부에서 지르코늄-티타늄 합금의 작은 직경 임플란트 사용 증례 한동후
2017임플란트 고정성 보철물 수복을 위한 최소 교합 고경에 대한 고찰 김승민, 박영범, 송영우, 이중석, 정의원, 차재국, 최순호
2017Genetic analysis of hereditary gingival fibromatosis using whole exome sequencing and bioinformatics한동후
2017Evaluation of the marginal and internal discrepancies of CAD-CAM endocrowns with different cavity depths: An in vitro study노병덕, 박성호, 박영범, 박정원, 신유석
2016Evaluation of stability of interface between CCM (Co-Cr-Mo) UCLA abutment and external hex implant 이근우, 이재훈
2016Postoperative irradiation after implant placement: A pilot study for prosthetic reconstruction 김준원, 심준성, 정문규, 정한성
2016Clinical Acceptability of the Internal Gap of CAD/CAM PD-AG Crowns Using Intraoral Digital Impressions 이재훈
2016UV Photofunctionalization Effect on Bone Graft in Critical One-Wall Defect around Implant: A Pilot Study in Beagle Dogs 문홍석, 박영범, 이재훈, 정한성
2016디지털 장비의 중첩기능을 이용하여 단일체 수복물의 교합조정을 최소화한 증례 김선재
2016CAD/CAM 맞춤형 지대주를 이용한 milled-bar 피개의치 증례 권재현, 김선재, 장재승
2016구개인두부전증 환자에서 열가소성레진을 이용해 연구개거상장치를 제작한 증례 박영범, 이상휘