Dept. of Dental Engineering (치과생체재료공학교실)

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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)
2018Effects of thermoforming on the physical and mechanical properties of thermoplastic materials for transparent orthodontic aligners 권재성, 김광만, 차정열
2017A three-dimensional planned osteotomy on the zygomatic arch for reduction malarplasty권재성
2017Occlusion-Fit V-Line Guide and Gooseneck Saw for Safe and Accurate Mandibuloplasty in Asians권재성
2017Effect of the ultraviolet light treatment and storage methods on the biological activity of a titanium implant surface김광만, 이기준, 이재훈, 차정열, 최성환, 황충주
2017The effect of fluoride-containing oral rinses on the corrosion resistance of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) 김광만, 차정열, 황충주
2017Antibacterial activity and effect on gingival cells of microwave-pulsed non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma in artificial saliva 김경남, 김광만
2017Bacterial attachment on titanium surfaces is dependent on topography and chemical changes induced by nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma권재성, 김광만
2017Effects of recycling on the biomechanical characteristics of retrieved orthodontic miniscrews 김광만, 김진, 유형석, 차정열, 최성환, 황충주
2017Overcoming the biological aging of titanium using a wet storage method after ultraviolet treatment 김광만, 유형석, 이기준, 이재훈, 차정열, 최성환, 황충주
2014Effect ofcapillaryactiononboneregenerationinmicro-channeled ceramic scaffolds홍민호
2014Capillary action: enrichment of retention and habitation of cells via micro-channeled scaffolds for massive bone defect regeneration홍민호
2013Development and in vitro assays of porous calcium polyphosphate granules김광만, 김성민, 이용근, 홍민호
2012Improvement of osteogenic potential of biphasic calcium phosphate bone substitute coated with synthetic cell binding peptide sequences 박영범, 최현민, 홍민호
2012국내 의료보건계열 신설동향과 치위생(학)과 추이에 관한 연구 양송이
2012Improvement of osteogenic potential of biphasic calcium phosphate bone substitute coated with two concentrations of expressed recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 박영범, 최현민, 홍민호
2013Modification of TiO(2) nanotube surfaces by electro-spray deposition of amoxicillin combined with PLGA for bactericidal effects at surgical implantation sites김경남, 김광만, 문승균
2011Drug release from porous hydroxyapatite spheres as a synthetic bone-graft material이용근, 홍민호
2015Resin bonding of metal brackets to glazed zirconia with a porcelain primer 김경남, 이미림, 황충주
2015Bone Tissue Engineering by Using Calcium Phosphate Glass Scaffolds and the Avidin-Biotin Binding System김민철, 이병현, 홍민호
2015Engineered microstructure granules for tailored drug release rate홍민호